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Is there any efficient way to produce energy out of biomass? Say less than a ton for 1 MWh ?

I started looking into efficient technologies to utilise agricultural waste, more specifically agriculture waste from rice growing and milling, and produce clean energy. Went to 5 different conferences all around Europe last year and have been scattering the internet for anything that would allow a sensible investment to be made in the field without any luck. The type of technologies I looked into were from gasification, anaerobic digestion, direct combustion, syngas production and what not, but there seems to be nothing out there that is actually efficient and working at the moment. Its either really inefficient or it doesn't quite work there. I had given up... However, after watching endless number of TED videos I got inspired to actively look for one again, but this time not for sake of business, but for the sake of doing something good. So my question is: is there any technology out there that allows efficient utilisation of agricultural waste that has proven to work ? Is there anything that makes sense in real world application ?

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    Jul 25 2013: Dear Peter Lindsay,
    Thank you for your reply. However, simply burning it in a furnace is way too inefficient. It is actually as much as five times less efficient than some gasification technologies.
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    Jul 24 2013: The most affective way of releasing the chemical energy in biomass is to simply burn it in a furnace to produce electricity. Burning biomass in coalfired power stations is one of the easiest ways to reduce our carbon emmissions.