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Question - Should we make increasing our consciousness as important a topic in schools as the 3 Rs.

“Cogito, Ergo Sum”( I think, therefore I am) Rene’ Descartes . Is not self-awareness evidence of consciousness? I am just a layman when it comes to science, so I am not sure my comments are relevant, but the fact that this discussion is being presented seems to back this up. We have advanced technologically, which may in turn be slowing the evolution of consciousness. If we taught self-awareness in schools along with the 3 Rs would we of gained a greater understanding of consciousness. This in turn could have resulted in an increase our study and understanding of consciousness a lot quicker. We appear to be on a race to increase our animal desires for profit, which appears to be resulting in a decrease of consciousness. As I said I am not sure if any of this is relevant or not, but for me, any focus on consciousness helps us head in the right direction.


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  • Aug 7 2013: Thanks again for the great discussion. I think it is all good food for thought. It seems there are various perspectives based on life experiences and/or frame of reference. One of them seems to come from the point of view that matter is where it all stems from, in this case the brain, this brings about one belief system and another appears to be a belief we are more than a physical being. Again, I personally have found an open mind is important. I apologize ahead of time, as I sometimes fail to remember where I saw/heard something, in this instance I think it was “What the #*#@! Do I know?” Anyway, part of it talked about some Native Americans standing on the beach when the first ships arrived, apparently they could not see the ships on the horizon because they did not have any idea they existed. That was, until the witch doctor pointed them out to them. It seems it was his open mindedness that allowed him to experience and see more than the average person. Also, if far viewing is a true ability, then how or what enables it? Sometimes we just have to be open to something before we can even consider its validity. The world was believed to be flat and those who could not travel had to choose to come to believe otherwise even though they had not experience anything different. Do we have a spirit maybe or maybe not, but it is sometimes the willingness to be open that paves the way to new horizons. I am not sure if science couldn’t be more open minded. A theory that considered we have a spirit, as yet not provable, but could be; this spirit could be the consciousness that exists before birth and after death. Right now as with many theories we may not have the understanding and means to prove it, I don’t know, but maybe?
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      Aug 7 2013: It is people who are, or are not, open-minded- not disciplines.

      There are also situations in which open-minded is the wrong word. For example, one person may know the answer to a question and another person may not yet. To the first person, an answer is known and other possible answers are therefore known to be incorrect. The second person knows less and therefore more seems highly likely..

      For example, you may know how to drive a car- what the brake does and what the accelerator does. A person who has not yet learned to drive a car may be open to the possibility that the brake makes the car go faster and the accelerator stops the car if pressed quickly.

      I have never noticed those who study science to be less open-minded than those who don't. I have noticed that those who are suspicious about science are often quite decided about the nature of scientists and scientific thought, thinking or being convinced that science is much more narrow than they are.

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