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Question - Should we make increasing our consciousness as important a topic in schools as the 3 Rs.

“Cogito, Ergo Sum”( I think, therefore I am) Rene’ Descartes . Is not self-awareness evidence of consciousness? I am just a layman when it comes to science, so I am not sure my comments are relevant, but the fact that this discussion is being presented seems to back this up. We have advanced technologically, which may in turn be slowing the evolution of consciousness. If we taught self-awareness in schools along with the 3 Rs would we of gained a greater understanding of consciousness. This in turn could have resulted in an increase our study and understanding of consciousness a lot quicker. We appear to be on a race to increase our animal desires for profit, which appears to be resulting in a decrease of consciousness. As I said I am not sure if any of this is relevant or not, but for me, any focus on consciousness helps us head in the right direction.


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    Aug 4 2013: Absolutely. It is AS important, if not more so, than math and history. Humanity is becoming more aware, not just of the world, but of our place in it and our ability--and responsibility--to keep its citizens from destroying their only home. Spirituality is not religion... Spirituality, and its offspring such as bio-feedback, meditation, visualization, intention, etc., are states of consciousness that have proven to reduce stress, create happiness, increase health AND wealth, even heal us from terminal illnesses.

    So, yes... the time is ripe for consciousness to be made a mandatory curriculum in schools. People (children are people too) tend to meet our expectations of them. We must expect more of them, greater of them--not less.

    I might add that, courses like math and history might be diminished to make room for classes in self-esteem, anger management, social skills, and communication, to name a few.

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