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Question - Should we make increasing our consciousness as important a topic in schools as the 3 Rs.

“Cogito, Ergo Sum”( I think, therefore I am) Rene’ Descartes . Is not self-awareness evidence of consciousness? I am just a layman when it comes to science, so I am not sure my comments are relevant, but the fact that this discussion is being presented seems to back this up. We have advanced technologically, which may in turn be slowing the evolution of consciousness. If we taught self-awareness in schools along with the 3 Rs would we of gained a greater understanding of consciousness. This in turn could have resulted in an increase our study and understanding of consciousness a lot quicker. We appear to be on a race to increase our animal desires for profit, which appears to be resulting in a decrease of consciousness. As I said I am not sure if any of this is relevant or not, but for me, any focus on consciousness helps us head in the right direction.


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    Jul 24 2013: Actually, I do not think this would be such a great idea. What is your definition of consciousness? The implication is that it is not merely on or off, but that there is, some and more.

    Here is some things to ponder. Consciousness requires a "self."
    Professor Bruce Hood shows that the concept of the 'self' is a figment of the brain, generated as a character to weave our internal processes and experiences together into a coherent narrative.

    Robert Kegan's theory of adult meaning-making has influenced theory and practice internationally across multiple disciplines. In a special RSA event, he considers: is it really possible to grow beyond the psychological independence of the "self-authoring mind," so often seen as the zenith of adult development?
    • Jul 24 2013: This is a totally uneducated personal perception of what my mind tells me based on my life experiences. The fact that this discussion is taking place may indicate a belief of something greater, whether it is meaning or an entity. My current thoughts regarding consciousness are the yearning for the intangible and a knowing of something far greater than me, a collective consciousness and belief in purpose. I have trouble separating things out of the equation like, the possibility of a sixth sense, spirits and out of body experiences. Even though I have only a little personal experience with some of these and none with the latter, I am open minded enough to consider all possibilities. Plus, the idea of unconditional love is an ethereal concept, which some peruse, why? what drives us to this end. I can imagine an understanding that has been within us since time began, a conscious contact with something divine, so consciousness is this awareness that precedes intellect. I hope this makes sense and I will try to view your suggestions.

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