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Question - Should we make increasing our consciousness as important a topic in schools as the 3 Rs.

“Cogito, Ergo Sum”( I think, therefore I am) Rene’ Descartes . Is not self-awareness evidence of consciousness? I am just a layman when it comes to science, so I am not sure my comments are relevant, but the fact that this discussion is being presented seems to back this up. We have advanced technologically, which may in turn be slowing the evolution of consciousness. If we taught self-awareness in schools along with the 3 Rs would we of gained a greater understanding of consciousness. This in turn could have resulted in an increase our study and understanding of consciousness a lot quicker. We appear to be on a race to increase our animal desires for profit, which appears to be resulting in a decrease of consciousness. As I said I am not sure if any of this is relevant or not, but for me, any focus on consciousness helps us head in the right direction.


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    Jul 23 2013: I don't know whether this will address your question, but I think teachers as part of their training, at least in the last twenty years, are educated in child development at the levels they teach. One reason for this focus in teacher training is precisely so that they can engage students in age-appropriate reflection about their learning, both process and content. The focus is to complement and enhance students' metacognitive development- self-understanding of what they know and how well they understand, processes of thought and work that seem to work best for them, and so forth.

    Is this the sort of thing you are referirng to? I think this is a more serious item on the agenda of teachers of grade school and middle school, because middle school catches kids at the time when metacognitive development is most pronounced for almost all kids. It is prime time for students to learn how to consider and monitor their own learning.

    This sort of work can and does take place across subjects.
    • Jul 24 2013: Thanks for your response. I was thinking about it being part of the curriculum (age appropriate). I have met a lot of adults seeking a greater awareness due to lacking it and finding life wanting. It seems to me that if we focused on things like, why do we exist and our purpose. Not that any particular answer is right, or that there is even an answer. My perception is that we have drifted away from our connection to all things and lost the awe, magnificence and wonder of existence. We teach technology and science, but what about our innate awareness and depth. Getting students to ponder for instance, what if westernization had never come along where would we be consciously? Just to encourage a more conscious awareness and maybe see the development of something beyond imagining. I know the education doesn’t deal well with abstract concepts, but maybe if this was a topic in school, I wouldn’t have dropped out at 15, due to the lack of simulation. I believe that music and the arts stimulate our consciousness, which has appeared to of been so since that Stone Age (cave drawings and the drumming etc of age old civilizations). Yet we devalue them compared to topics of the intellect.
      • Aug 4 2013: age and ability appropriate - I know this has been a "Bad" word in education for many years but maybe we should be looking at tracking in some form with the ability to opt in or out. There is one caveat : teachers need to fail those who opt in and do not or can not do the work. This also requires the the admin to support the teachers.
    • Jul 24 2013: Great theory but have not seen it done in practice.

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