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Can racism truly be eliminated?

In Australia we live in one of the most multicultural nations, however every once in a while there are those people who publicly and abusively insult people from other races. I know there will always be those ignorant individuals or people who are scarred from people of other races (e.g wars, personal events or negative child rearing ), but can we truly eliminate racism in our world?

Possibly include jokes or stereotyping into this debate, are light jokes about other races or stereotyping racist?

Also take into consideration the media in movies or simply news. Are they doing a good enough job to tackle racism?


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  • Jul 29 2013: To discuss racism we need to define the term which my dictionary states as "the theory that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, qualities etc., specific to that race, especially distinguishing it as inferior or superior to another race or races; prejudice, discrimination or antagonism based on this"
    Clearly there are physical differences between races: it may sometimes appear there are different abilities and qualities between races but whether these differences are based on race or something else like environment, education, upbringing and culture is wide open for discussion.
    The pernicious corrosive effect of racism occurs when these differences are seen as being inferior or superior which lead to prejudice and discrimination. This corrosion lies in the hearts of those who feel superior and those who feel inferior.
    Differences between people whether based on personality, talents, race or culture should be recognised and celebrated. No human being is intrinsically inferior to another.
    Prejudice and discrimination based on race will not be 'eliminated' as a task set by the great and the good according to a set of objectives and a timetable. But they will, over time, become less and less relevant and ultimately disappear though the actions and beliefs of ordinary people who realise such prejudice is childish and rather nasty.

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