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Can racism truly be eliminated?

In Australia we live in one of the most multicultural nations, however every once in a while there are those people who publicly and abusively insult people from other races. I know there will always be those ignorant individuals or people who are scarred from people of other races (e.g wars, personal events or negative child rearing ), but can we truly eliminate racism in our world?

Possibly include jokes or stereotyping into this debate, are light jokes about other races or stereotyping racist?

Also take into consideration the media in movies or simply news. Are they doing a good enough job to tackle racism?


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  • Jul 25 2013: Yes, I do. Perhaps, I am racially optimistic, but I definitely believe it is possible. I believe it is a multidimensional approach. One dimension is to acknowledge, accept , account, and reconcile any past or current offense from one race to another. This is vital. Another dimension is teaching, learning, and practicing core values consistently and soulfully. Some values are: kindness, compassion, humility, generosity, honesty and love. If we truly master core values, we will live as a single unit. The fact is, no matter how physically beautiful, accomplished, successful the human is, we are always interacting with the character of the said person, their essence. The goal is to fine tune the character, and race becomes irrelevant.
    • Jul 29 2013: Good comment. The magic word or remedy is Accountability! For example people in the workforce should stand up for anyone that is treated unfairly.

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