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Can racism truly be eliminated?

In Australia we live in one of the most multicultural nations, however every once in a while there are those people who publicly and abusively insult people from other races. I know there will always be those ignorant individuals or people who are scarred from people of other races (e.g wars, personal events or negative child rearing ), but can we truly eliminate racism in our world?

Possibly include jokes or stereotyping into this debate, are light jokes about other races or stereotyping racist?

Also take into consideration the media in movies or simply news. Are they doing a good enough job to tackle racism?


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    Jul 28 2013: I wanted to thank everyone that has contributed this this debate or discussion so far, i know that this debate does continue for a few more hours. I have read everyone's comments and i think i have a better perspective on the issue of racism, then before i started this debate. I did my best to respond to most of the Tedsters who have commented, if i have missed you i am sorry, but thats mainly because this is my first TED conversation i have started and i didnt think that so many people would have commented.
    Overall with the comments so far i think that most people believe racism can be eliminated, but with a lot of changes and adjustments into the factors that influence racism, as well as giving it time.
    So i hope you guys keep on debating this topic and really learn from and understand other people's perceptions on this issue.
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      Jul 29 2013: Matthew, a lot of us have enjoyed reading each other's perspectives.
      Thank you for starting the conversation.

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