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Can racism truly be eliminated?

In Australia we live in one of the most multicultural nations, however every once in a while there are those people who publicly and abusively insult people from other races. I know there will always be those ignorant individuals or people who are scarred from people of other races (e.g wars, personal events or negative child rearing ), but can we truly eliminate racism in our world?

Possibly include jokes or stereotyping into this debate, are light jokes about other races or stereotyping racist?

Also take into consideration the media in movies or simply news. Are they doing a good enough job to tackle racism?


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    Jul 23 2013: Can racism be eliminated .... no. It can however be drastically reduced and maybe even minimalized. The problem that I see ... thus my opinion ... is that the media and leaders at many levels continue to stir the pot.

    When we achieve good parenting .... responsible leadership ... and reporting the event instead of directing emotions and thought ... then the opportunity to reduce racism to the few.

    I have stated before that we as a nation in the USA are more openly divided than ever before. We have lost the ability to think for our selves .... news should report the event .... leaders should be capable of influencing without the resort to violence. Leaders must stop using the term US and THEM and start using terms of WE. When a leader at any level refers to a event as racist ... he is giving permission to radicals to promote violence.

    IMO media and leadership must change in order for racism to be reduced or eliminated.

    Thanks. Bob.
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        Jul 24 2013: Perhaps .... The part I was against was that he placed a US versus THEM value on the conversation. As a leader I thought he should have addressed the WE. That NO ONE should be placed in that position ... not just blacks. As a leader he should care about ALL the people.

        Riots in the streets are not the way to bring it to the front.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
    • Jul 24 2013: I'd agree with that Bob.

      Only as I saw so many parallels between the film/book "Bonfire of the Vanities" and the Zimmerman trial.

      And consider that film/book was 30 years old... people just haven't changed.
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      Jul 25 2013: Thanks for your contribution to this discussion Robert, i see from your comment there are a lot of factors that influence racism and even though you think racism cannot be eliminated, if we continue to mitigate some factors that contribute to racism then hopefully in the future we can say that racism has been eliminated.

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