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When do you think you are "creative person"? Please share your experience.

I got so impressed to have watched Ken Robinson's talk "School kill creativity". Then, I felt some kind of feeling of doubt that our current educational institutions and the schools offered. I do not feel much creativity when I studied in the high school because there were too many mandatory things, duties.

Plus, I want to know your creative experience, share with us please(^^ )!
I also wish we all people have done creative activities more in our daily lives.

Closing Statement from Sophia BAE

Creativity comes from eveywhere. We should not complain that we have no time or there are a lot of obstacles in my daily life. If you are prepared then opportunities will come. You can seize them in that moment!

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    Jul 23 2013: I feel like a creative person when I have knowledge that I can use to solve the current riddle or problem, while others didn't think about it.
    It's a freedom of association and putting things together (connecting unconnected dots - it's broader than originality -). Expressing it is the output of creativity: the creating part of creativity.
    creativity is everywhere, so also in your daily live. If you fail to see that you can be creative everywhere, you might not be such a creative person...
    • Jul 23 2013: Your last sentence pricks my conscience! There is a saying in Korea "One can see as much as one knows and experiences"
      I think it is applied same with creativity things. People who are always ready for facing new situations, finding novel ideas will meet more creative chances than those who aren't.

      And you said, "connecting unconnected dots" .I like this part. Could this sentence mean "convergence of knowledge"? I want to know your opinion :)
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        Jul 26 2013: i didn't imply that 'connecting the unconnected dots' means "convergence of knowledge".
        However, given enough time and ability to acquire knowledge, I think it is bound to converge, as I assume there is only one reality.

        Connecting dots can also happen in fantasy, stories, myths, art, expression, culture. Which doesn't need to have much knowledge about reality, and thus can diverge as well.
        • Jul 27 2013: Ok, you mean "connecting the unconeected dots" comes from anywhere with no limitaion.
          Christophe, these days. I'm wondering some questions. Does "creatve though" be meanigful if it is not actually giving help in ourlives? Does it have vaule by itself?
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        Jul 27 2013: I Don't think creativity needs to be useful or helpful, Sophia.
        I see it as one of our mental abilities. How it is used is up to the individual.
        As for value: I value it highly, as I like to use creativity in role playing games or storytelling.
        'Value' is something contextual to me, intrinsic value is something ... I don't know... I don't see the point of giving creativity an intrinsic value. Contextual value: a lot.
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    Jul 22 2013: Imagination is a universal trait. You can choose to use it in almost anything you do, schoolwork included. There are creative ways of doing most of the mandatory things in your life, or when an activity is entirely routine, you can often think of other things while doing it.

    Artistic and creative are not the same thing. Some people who do not engage in artistic activities are highly creative in what they do in the sense of using their imaginations to bring into being things that are novel and useful in design or execution.

    A couple of years ago when I read Studs Terkel's well-known book "Working," which consists of interviews with people in all sorts of jobs that may on their face look mundane and routine, I was most intrigued by how the interviewees described the imagination they brought to their work and lives outside of work.

    To a large degree use of your imagination in what you do is a choice, even if there are requirements you must meet.
    • Jul 23 2013: I used to think that creativity coms from fields where no one has touched.
      After readling your comment, it is quite possible to being creative anytime whenever one wants. Creativity lies on our very neighborhood. Actually our educational system( I think it might be appied to my country) enforce students to study all same subjects, also I went through that curriculum. My most terrible subject was MATH. I always had a sense of doubt while solving mathematical problems. I talked to my self, "Why should I do this? I do not like these all stuff, I like literature and arts, music!!!"
      Do you think creativity can come from doing what one actually do not want to do?
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        Jul 23 2013: Yes, I think many people find creative ways of engaging in things they had not realized could be interesting.
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    • Jul 23 2013: BRAVO! I wrote down your comment on my diaries. What you suggest is great methods, and I will try to keep it every day, and every moment. I think people's emotion and feeling are quite difficult to deal with. Because when people fall in to a vicious cycle of negative thought, they are used to it, not escaping from it. It seems to me that you transcend all of those things. Amazing Deepak! :)
      I think that process may require a lot of efforts.. Right? How long have you taken to be a person with totally positive thinking ? GREAT!!
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        • Jul 23 2013: I like this part of your comment, "If I am positive and God is with me, I think no one can turn me negative."

          Once, I confronted some unfavorable situation which I did not expect. My friend and I suffered from the situation equally, and I was kind of upset and got hurt from that. Looking at me, My friend said, "No one could keep you from being happy, enjoy your life. Do not be controled by others, or situations. What the most important, the core, is YOU, yourself."

          I got impressed a lot with it. And it sounds similar to yours. People who are positive show similar attitudes toward world, I think, Even though the method could be different ( ^^)
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    Jul 23 2013: Each time I can answer a difficult question of a kid , I feel to be creative......
    • Jul 23 2013: Wow, questions from kids are regard as one of the difficult to answer, because their curiosity continues one after another. How are you answering when they ask those hard to tell about? Such as "Why does the sun exist? " or "Why do we have to live?" Is there any skill of your own to deal with the questions?
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        Jul 23 2013: When face such profound questions , I say , I don't know ..... Let's try to find out. Is that a skill you think ?
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          Jul 23 2013: Salim,
          I used to do that with my kids too! If I didn't know the answer, I said I don't know....let's go look it up!

          It gave me a connection with them.....we could learn something together, and also let them know that I certainly did not have the answers to everything. It taught them that we can explore and seek information.

          Wish we had computer and internet way back then....only had dictionary and encyclopedia. You probably don't remember those days're too young!!!
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        Jul 23 2013: Hi Colleen
        Agree I am not as wise as you are ..... But good thing is that follow your footstep , including your dictionary and encyclopedia examples ....:)

        Other than finding answer from Internet which is easy and quick , I encourage them to look for answers on books... Internet has its own challenges as well .... Once my younger one when he was around 5 , asked me " does google say truth always "? He asked after being confused with loads of information with a single search some of which were contradictory . So guess still authentic books has its place
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          Jul 23 2013: Salim,
          I said you are "young"....I didn't say anything about wisdom, and I think/feel you are VERY wise. In my perception, wisdom doesn't have anything to do with age. It has to do with whether or not we apply the information to life:>)

          "Does google say truth always".....funny! Since computer and internet are relatively new to me, I totally agree with your is sometimes confusing because we can get information to support almost anything! I still keep my ancient "Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary" by my side!!!
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        Jul 24 2013: Hi Colleen
        Yes you haven't said anything about "wisdom "but I took the liberty to read it in that way because of perception about you . You know perception becomes reality as well :)

        Obliged I am with your compliments.

        P.S.: sorry for using "REPLY" button of Sophia to answer Colleen and creating confusion ....
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          Jul 24 2013: Obliged I am with your compliments as well Salim, and I agree...our perception becomes our reality:>)
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    Jul 23 2013: I feel most creative when i am operating and improving hearing of my patients.

    I am ENT surgeon

    I am in meditation when i am operating.

    I have to reconcostruct middle ear cavities of my patients and carve or drill holes in smallest of human bones size of rice. Every case presents different challange, each case needs innovation and extreme care.

    I feel like a Sculptor who wants to create a master piece every time he picks up his tools. Every stroke needs extreme care and innovation.
    • Jul 23 2013: I like your expression of a Sculptor. You are the real doctor who not only do your best as a medical people but also consider your patients. Sometimes, when I go to see a doctor, some ot them do not care me a lot, let alone warm-hearted attitudes towards the patient. I wish people like you would care patients. Then you mean, meditation help you toconcentrate on operating in more detail?
  • Jul 22 2013: I think you are creative when you face a new and unique problem, and apply what you have learned to solve it in a manner that is not influenced by other people.

    Often my creativity involves assimilating things from different fields, experiences, observations, and prior work, then applying them to something new and different that solves a new problem efficiently. This type of effort produces many good things, such as meaningful learning, confidence in creative abilities, and pride in product.
    • Jul 23 2013: Oh, you are the one whom this world wants (^^ ). These days, most company prefer people who have extraordinarily do their work in an novel way, not who just merely repeat their work without any goals or achievements. And importance of convergence of knowledge has rised. So I tried to read books which give me enormous new information I haven't learned. But it is quite hard to understand all those things. Could you offer an advice for me?
      • Jul 23 2013: Reading books is good. Are they the right books though?

        Start with what you know now. If you think you need to know more about a subject, spend some time gaining knowledge, skills, understanding and experience. Before you finish your study, relate this subject to things you already know. Perhaps something you studied earlier, something you have experienced, observed, or perhaps even an idea or opinion. See if you can build on you knowledge rather than just learning about random things. You will note that in college the do not just teach one subject, they have whole curriculums to train students and try and relate many subjects to one general area of study. Another trick is to ask the question 'Why' when you learn something unusual. Frequently the answer to this question provides a much broader understanding to subject.

        Something I like to do is to look at Wikipedia for general subjects, like Science, Philosophy or learning. These are really neat overviews of subjects. Here are a few examples:

        I like how they organize the subject and offer you paths to learn more about specific parts that you might like. Perhaps you will like them too!
        • Jul 23 2013: Great! Thanks for those resources. I like this part of your comment "Before you finish your study, relate this subject to things you already know". It is useless not to unite all knowledge I have known. Because information which leave alone as a piece does not create synergy effect. I am wondering what subject you are interested in most these days(^^ )
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    Jul 22 2013: I feel most creative when i am operating and improving hearing of my patients.
    • Jul 22 2013: Hello adesh( ^^). Are you a doctor? It is so great of you to have passionate attitudes towards your jobs. Most people feel tired of their jobs, Even though they once wanted to do that work. In the sense, you are pleased with your work. What advice could you give them suffering from avioding to go for a work?

      And I have one question for you, you said, you feel creative when you are operating (I think you are a doctore. Right?) Then how can you feel creativity while operating? Because, I think the moment of dealing patients makes doctors or nurses nervous, hoping that there will not be any problems.
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    Jul 22 2013: Creativity comes in all sorts of packages. Creativity is about being completely random and original. Something that opens your eyes or makes you say "ahhhhh, i get it." Here is creativity in a nutshell in my opinion:
    At birth the mind is full of locked doors. As you become older, one by one these doors become unlocked. Once they are unlocked the are unlocked for a life time. Finding the keys to the doors is the actual challenge.
    • Jul 22 2013: Great! Joshua, I love your metaphor!
      Sometimes I find that children are more creative than adults. Because people have been doing too many works(to students, it may be homework). Especially, what schools and company require us to do is something quite straight, not flexible. So it makes me think of how could we be more creative despite those kinds of duties.

      But, I quite agree with your opinion. As we get older, more experiences make our lives flourish not to repeat the same mistakes anymore. I have to try to open my yet locked door, finding new keys for them!
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        Jul 22 2013: Depending on how much school and work you have....there is always time for creativity. If not, then make time. Letting someone else decide for you might not be the best route to take. Thank you for the reply and thumbs up
        • Jul 22 2013: You are so optimistic about being creative! I llike your attitudes . I want to take some advices from you, Joshua(^^ ).

          Because of Smart-phone, our lives are quite invaded. There are always messages and phone call even though when I actually do not want to reply. So, sometimes I turn off my phone and try to get my own time but it is not easy as I think. Because people (including me!) want to feel connected with others continuously. How can we escape from those kinds of digital tools which keep us from having our own time?
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    • Jul 22 2013: Thanks for your comment, Deepak( ^^)
      It seems to me that you love your daily life, and enjoy your jobs. These days, people are tired of their work because they easily get used to it, feeling depressed in the workforce. What advice can you give to them to live a better life?

      And I'm curious about your meditation method. I had once read as to meditation books only to end up reading, not really meditating. Since ,I think, meditation require silent atmosphere, close my eyes (as you mentioned, most meditation are processing like this way). Specifically, what aspect of meditation offer you an energy to live healthy, and happily???!
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        • Jul 23 2013: 1001 things? I want to keep in touch with you Deepak. These days I feel tired and easily get depressed, I do not know why actually. When I tried to meditate, sleepness swallows me. So I want to know your method even though our religions are different, I think the ways which makes people's lives more flourish are diverse.
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    • Jul 24 2013: Good evening, Deepak. I will try above things in tonight. And I also have religion, so it seems not to be difficult for me to do that. Thanks for sharing your method. If I get through all that process and can live a better life, then I will share with my firends, certainly.
      I like "THINK MYSELF AS A STAR" . I'm sure imagination with calm mind will relax me and help me get a good sleep. Now, it is a vacation so I do have a lot of time to sleep and study, read books. But in the August, I am going to study abroad. Actually worries of live in there bother unconsciously. I think this is my current problem. I will come back with result tommorow (^^ )
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    Jul 23 2013: Meditation is necessary for creativity.

    Meditation to me is to concentrate and enjoy what you are doing
    oblivious of your surroundings and situation.
    • Jul 23 2013: I do not understand your comment well, please explain in more detail, adesh ( ^^)
      You said "Meditation can make people enjoy their surrounding." But when I try to meditate, it is like concentrating on me myself and reflecting my life, not on surroundings and situation. Because I remain silent while meditating. What do you think of this?!
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        Jul 23 2013: i mean the same Sophia , pl read my comment again.
        to enjoy what you are doing irrespective of your surroundings
        • Jul 23 2013: Oh.. It was my mistake. I didn't notice the word 'Oblivious' (^^ );;; I once had a book related to meditation. After reading it, I tried to concentrate on myself deeply but it did not work. I am kind of out going person so that I usually want to change surroundings where I include. And it is also hard for me to sit at the one place for a long while... :-(
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        Jul 23 2013: Sophia As i understand,

        Meditation also means to concentrate your mind to one activity like singing or dancing or operating and enjoying oblivious to the surrounding.

        Edited... Added lines from Colleen's comment below (Thank you Colleen Steen)

        Meditate simply means to focus...reflect, ponder, plan or project in the mind
        It is possible to be in a meditative state in every moment of the life
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          Jul 23 2013: I agree Adesh, that there are different types of meditation, from sitting, quiet meditation, to walking meditation, to any activity which we concentrate or focus on.

          Meditate simply means to focus...reflect, ponder, plan or project in the mind, engage in contemplation, discourse intended to express its author's reflections or to guide others in contemplation.

          That being said, it is possible to be in a meditative state in every moment of the life adventure, and that state, in my humble perception, is very creative.

          I didn't feel very creative within the school process either Sophia, because, as you say, "there were too many mandatory things, duties".

          As I look back, however, with what I have learned throughout life, is that there are certain "things" we need to participate in, and we can often make them as creative as we wish, so every moment offers the possibility to create:>)
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        Jul 23 2013: Equanamity

        A person who practices equanamity is in meditation.

        Colleen, Sophia Hi .I would love to know what do you think about above observation.
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          Jul 23 2013: Adesh,
          The word we are seeking is equanimity?

          Yes, I agree...calmness, composure, even temperament, serenity, balance, not easily disturbed or perturbed, I perceive as very much a part of the meditative state.

          And when we are in this state, it is more likely that creativity "flows". The opposites...anxiety, distress, imbalance, frustration, etc., actually block creativity.
        • Jul 23 2013: Adesh, I have thought that meditation requires some complicated process and that it's hard to find a proper place where I can concentrate deeply. After reading your comment, rather than grand process, meditation could be difine as state of mind whenever we are lost in our thought. You expand my experience :)

          Collen, thanks for sharing your opinion. What I learned from you is that meditation is not a difficult process one might think of. As I mentioned, I felt kind of pressure from edcational institutions and policys which enforce students to study the subjects they did not want to learn. But, even in that situation, creativity can sprout out.
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        Jul 24 2013: meditation could be difine as state of mind whenever we are lost in our thought.

        I would like to make a little change in your observation Sophia.

        Meditation could be difined as state of mind whenever we find and discover ourselves in our thoughts.
        • Jul 24 2013: Yes, I agree, thanks for your comment adesh. A slight change makes sentence more accurate!
          "Discovery" is another important thigs as well as creativity. I want to find everyday hope and whole my life will gradually improve. : )