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Atheists, how do you define morality?

Do you believe in an absolute morality for everyone? Do you believe that morality is chosen by the individual? I'm asking for an explanation on why murder and any other bad thing is wrong. Please don't say majority is right, mainly because majority also believes in a religion, also believed the earth is round. So lets assume the majority can be wrong. Shouldn't be a problem. Or is it all irrelevant and there is no meaning. Assuming that to know there is no meaning that we should be able to define meaning. What is permissible, what isn't. What makes a good person or a bad person good or bad. That sort of thing. I'd like beliefs, not a debate.

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  • Jul 26 2013: Morality, from my perspective, is simply behaving in a a manner that doesn't negatively affect the people and environment around you. My moral views play a large role in my atheistic views. I don't think that a misogynist, homophobic, megalomaniac, sadomasochistic god is a very moral concept to invest faith in.

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