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Do local TED talk chapters exist? Does anyone facilitate the meeting of presenters and relevant kinds of minds encouraging shared progress?

Who is aware of who, within each field and specialty, and beyond. How well informed are the developers, researchers, and presenters or each other? Coordinating intentions and goals can accelerate and enhance progress. For instance, using multiple modalities to overcome cancer or disease, or pollution, or create sustainable practices. Lets encourage bright minds to reserve some time to socialize and become aware of each other. Many may find it difficult to listen to others when they are so driven and creative, but devoting a small portion of time each day or week to become aware of other developments may ensure optimal progress for us collectively.

  • Jul 21 2013: Is there a way to send questions to the presenters of a given Ted talk? For instance, if you are interested in cancer cures, you might like to know about Burzynski Movie and Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields and Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world (10-13 minutes into speech focuses on medicinal benefits) and Bonnie Bassler: How bacteria "talk" all are relevant health facilitating talks. These options used together might optimize health. I'd like to ensure the brightest minds have the benefit of being introduced to the relevant work of others. There could be a simple software program that publicly tracks and displays each volunteer participant confirming their acquainted interests revealing a network of brilliance and exposing gaps of connections, thereby allowing others to suggest relevant work and people to enhance the frequency of relevant connections.
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      Jul 21 2013: Some presenters monitor and respond to comments on their talks. Most presenters display on the same page where you hear the talk a website with links to work that may answer those questions.

      I expect much of the value presenters gain from attending the TED event is doing precisely what you describe. That is, creative people interact with other creative people in fields that touch upon their own, share ideas, and form collaborations.

      Many times people in a given field are very aware of each other's work and attend the same professional conferences. Scholars read journals that collect cutting edge work in their disciplines.
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        Jul 23 2013: Sorry to barge in Mat and it's completely off topic.

        Fritzie, I'm going to attend my countries main Tedx event in my city this year, the only drawcard for me is my countries 2nd Female ex prime minister is going to speak and a unveiling of an A.I (Whether it is or not i don't know) can we take pictures? I know you attended one so i'm just inquiring?
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          Jul 23 2013: I don't remember, but if you watch TED talks you will never see anyone in the audience taking pictures. Certainly cellphones are off.