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Being a registered "Independent", I am curious how conservatists justify their agendas of abolishing abortions..

How does a political philosophy of denying abortions (sanctity of life) jive with a philosophy which promotes wars, guns and war? I would seriously like to have these answers.


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  • Aug 1 2013: Thanks Darlington. I now understand your explanation of the abortion issue. However, in regard to the war issue, I totally disagree. We go to war under many propaganda guises, such as "democratizing" another nation, "freeing" another nation etc. when in reality, we are 'conquering' a foreign land or "garnering" other's rightful resources and perhaps often based on lies and misinformation for the aggrandizement of an individual (i.e. Bush and WMD's). Also, though our service people may take an oath to 'protect our nation', does that indemnify the taking of innocent lives on either side or raping each other in box cars? No, I feel this is a human weakness to try and dominate. Thanks for your enlightenment.
    • Aug 19 2013: Honestly, I feel like we should have never dropped the term "colonization" and "imperialism" from our national rhetoric. It would make things like "democratizing" nations much less riddled with euphemism. I personally do not agree with conflicts that are not necessary- but when the are I think the Machiavellian approach is best in order to deter future conflicts.

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