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Voices of Global Students + video (we students want change in education)

TEDxKL 2013 audition video :

As Sir Ken Robinson ended his talk by a quote from Benjamin Franklin "There are three sorts of people in the world: Those who are immovable, people who don't get, they don't want to get it, they're going to do anything about it. There are people who are movable, people who see the need for change and are prepared to listen to it. And there are people who move, people who make things happen." If you are reading this, you are one of the movables , if not those who move.

Since education is everyone's business, it is not enough that only educationist, politicians, teachers etc. to change our education, we need to involve everyone, including ourselves-- students. There has been an increase in consensus that education needs to be changed: it is about time that we students make our move, and let our voices be heard, which is the purpose of this page.

Regardless of where you are from, we all have unique yet similar stories on our experiences in the education system. Tell us where you are from, your experience in education, how it is and how it should be. If you are a former student, you may what you have learned in the outside world that should be taught in school.

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    Jul 24 2013: Hi Faizul,

    You might also like this video:

    It definitely refers to all of the tags you gave to you conversation - innocation, education, revolution, technology...
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      Jul 25 2013: thanks for sharing the video Anna! I appreciate that :)
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    • Jul 22 2013: Hi Dear Deepak Behl,one hour Rajyog meditation daily free of cost?is it named:Rajyog meditation?
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        • Jul 22 2013: Oh,I do know India is the King of all meditations:).would you like to share with us more about it?I am very interested in it.
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      Jul 23 2013: This is a useful perspective to share. Some people don't appreciate what they are gaining from their experiences during or even after. It might be schooling. It might be chores. It might be what their parents are doing for them.

      Sometimes people do not approach their opportunities productively, creatively, and open-mindedly. Sometimes people expect things to be delivered that need, rather, to be found.
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          Jul 23 2013: It is only that I believe in a learning community that it is useful for different ideas to come forward rather than for everyone to repeat only the most commonly held beliefs and interpretations.

          We learn most from hearing a range of perspectives and considering them.
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      Jul 23 2013: Hi Mr.Deepak,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The rayjog meditation sounds interesting , do you mind telling me where can I learn it (online)? When you said changing education is impossible , I think an accurate word would be difficult. I think changing the world is a means to an end (better life), not an end to itself. . There will always be flaws in the society , or in our case , in the education system because that's how the world as it is. Indeed that education is there to benefit you , the current education system has benefited many of us , but the problem is , it has become increasingly obsolete because it was modelled, conceived and constructed during the period of industrial revolution. Is this feasible? Yes it is , look at what Finland did , and they have the best education system in the world.

      In his best-selling book , Dr.Stephen Covey , the author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People taught us about the circle of influence and the circle of concern, the education system is certainly within my circle of concern and it's not under my influence. However , if I were to focus on my circle of influence , by asking the right question, by changing my perspectives , I can expand my circle of influence, meet people with the same cause , continuously expanding that circle of influence. So I couldn't agree more that I have the power to change myself , and I must change myself first because it has to happen inside-out.A good example would be Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank. It is difficult , still possible. If we can help people out there who's talents are not appreciated//met by the education system, why not?
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          Jul 25 2013: Currently I'm having holiday now in al-andalus and I've been reading, watching documentaries on the Islamic civilisation or the Moors and they really had the thirst for knowledge ( the trait that should be the outcome of education ) . I noticed that they really prioritise divine knowledge , in this case , they learn in depth in the teaching of Islam through the holy book of Quran , hadith and more and it seems like their minds are more receptive to more knowledge.

          As for the brahma kumaris , unfortunately I'm staying in a boarding school and they have a strict restriction on going in and out due to security purposes and safety reasons. Perhaps I'll consider learning it when I get into university

          Indeed, education is a vast subject , and my main concern is that we have been focusing too much on exams than learning , which I think should be changed. I've been told that if I'm really committed to this , it's most likely going to be a lifelong challenge: which I happily accept for the future generations if not mine .