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What is Reality?

The concept of Reality is profusely used in posts, replies, comments and arguments. But the fundamental and strongest meaning of Reality seems very confusing and subject to multiple interpretations.
Is "reality" something to do with the past? Is there any reality in the future?
Our human nature, evidently equipped with a collection of senses, seems to be designed to operate in a timeless environment, where there is no past or future.
We can only see, hear, smell, touch and taste IN THE PRESENT.
If we consider the intellect a 6th sense we can only think in the present too!
The present, but the actual present is a very narrow point between what is called past (actually memory) and future (actually dreams).
Or is it we can call "present" part of the past or even worse, a segment of the future?
People, mostly intellectuals have a very diluted sense of the Present. Some speak of the "present years"; others of the "present centuries", which seems to be a total aberration of what the Present actually is!
The Present is OUR Moment of Power. We can only act in the Present.
Or is it any other way?
According to most psychology views, a person is suffering from some mental dysfunction in proportion with his or her separation from the actual, the real Present.
Certainly we can do NOTHING in the past. The same is true in the future.
Of course we can study the past, we can imagine about it, we can accept many fantasies about the past but we can do it all NOW!
Yes, we can make plans, we can speculate about the future, we can even predict it but we do it all NOW!
All those appreciations of time are illusory as the only time we have is NOW. Our NOW is permanent, never changing but always different!
We can't trap it as if we do we are holding to the past and getting out of focus from the actual Reality.
Can it be different?
Could it be there is something more REAL than the subtle, fast moving, always staying, never delayed, never going ahead PRESENT?
I am really interested

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  • Jul 28 2013: I consider the human vomeronasal organ to be 6th sensory organ.
    Recent scientific studies, [Dean Radin], have found that our bodies are reacting to effects somewhere within a third of a second before before an event is decided by a computer; so that may be our 7th-sense.
    "...the only time we have is NOW." That's a good point; even with all my combined I.Q. points I've never once asked "what time was it 5-minutes ago?" (But, the term "present" reminds me slightly of Zeno's paradoxical Achilles/turtle race; where an infinite amount of demarcations are implied, but never ever actually computed by the math/philosophers.)
    Interesting you didn't delve into physical reality as well! Physical reality apparently has 3 dimensions, why can't time {past, present, future}? (Also interesting that in any point in space _shares_ those three dimensions; so do separate dimensions exist, or is reality more holographic?)

    Someone recently asked me: "Do thoughts change reality?" (Yes, I think he meant it that way.) It's an interesting question, and I'd watch to make my thoughts a lot more positive, I think, if I thought that were a looming possibility.

    If something happedned in the past, "a tree falls;" that becomes part of the present reality, as now you have to step over the tree, in a layering or weaving of causes. It's not "just past memories or records."

    Joshua Bowles says "If you do not see it does it exist?"
    Colleen Steen replies "...we choose to see, hear, experience, accept and focus on."
    I think we can create a better reality this way: we can choose to "accept and focus on," but if we make others angry & then ignore them, we may just end-up with an arrow in the back.

    And all this talk of "objective reality," is it just a way of meting-out our adopted distrust/devaluing of another's self-centrism? Must we have our way at all cost?
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      Jul 28 2013: Hi Steve!
      Thanks for coming in!
      I could not understand the part where you say "our bodies are reacting to effects somewhere within a third of a second before before an event is decided by a computer". which are the events "decided" by the computer?

      I also have some ideas on thoughts changing reality but I might open a new conversation on the subject.

      To my view, when you say "If something happedned in the past, "a tree falls;" that becomes part of the present reality" it makes sense to me!

      The tree fall happened in the present, at that moment. While no other event moves the tree, the state of the event is preserved along the present. Why would it change? It would only if another Present event would move the tree. It is like the last tree event, not happening anymore, "extends" itself and becomes a permanent "present" until a new event changes it.

      I hope no one is trying to "distrust"/devalue the comment makers here!

      You a e surely not, me neither!
      • Aug 1 2013: The event 'decided' by the computer was a picture; either a picture of something innocuous, or a picture of something really unsightly. The computer made the decision, to which a human would react; maybe it was within a tenth-of-a-second-before - probably. I'm having trouble finding the initial sourcebook, by Dean Radin.

        "The tree fall happened in the present, at that moment." Good point. (Here I thought I had something worth embossing!)

        To "distrust"/devalue is, maybe subtle, part of our society, how we use our machines, how we relate to our environment - and ultimately yourself.
        (I have my distrusts/devaluations, but I'm trying to learn.)

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