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What are the effects of social isolation?

People are even more isolated as time goes by. What are the effects of social isolation in a big scale? Could it ruin a whole society?How will this get worse in the future?

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    Jul 23 2013: Thank you very much. :) I am doing research for Future Problem Solving Program International and it´s useful to know different opinions about this subject.
    I think that,in the future,people will delay their social life, because it´s too much easier being in front of a notebook instead of facing real problems.
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      Jul 24 2013: Social problems are getting worse. I understand the connection now. Yes, it is much easier to "notebook" all thoughts and opinions down for someone else to read. Now as I think about it, in a way it is similar to reading something written on a bathroom stall like Facebook, thanks for letting me see what you had for lunch today (pun intended). Not at TED though mostly. It's a common ground thing going on here I believe. The worst thing about thoughts in a "notebook" left for someone to pick up is the lack of tone. I'm starting to believe this is starting to spread in real social issues. I don't know but from my recent experience even tone means nothing it seems face to face. To tell a joke, you have to be on stage where people know exactly where you are coming from even better if they are paying you for it in front of a large crowd. Well, ha you can begin to make up a silly ass story subjected to a possible juvenile book and get thrown out of a damn bar :) OR just write it down here and ...who knows? offensive? outrageous? dumb? funny? righteous? wrongful? All is left up for interpretation by each individual reader. Maybe the way the economy is has much to do with it, I don't know. I hope that helped. Do we all share the same bad day every day, soft and pissy? Don't know about the future but hmmmmm, some tension at times. I do personally know others when they see this ":)" behind a sentence gets immediate negative attention. "So, just because you put a :) means it's OK to say?!" I don't know, getting weird in both worlds :) :) :) :) "Dude, I said your mother's cooking is delicious :)" ...WTF? Maybe I'm off topic here? I don't know. Do you mean what driving forces may cause social isolation? I do know a few single hermits here and there.

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