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What if there was a single global currency ?

I was going through the world economics the other day and thought on why shouldn't there be a common currency to the whole world ? There wouldn't be any need of the interest rates variation to compensate for the drop of the currency of that particular nation. Share your opinions on this, does this look valid to you ?


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    Jul 23 2013: The idea of a single currency is a lot like communism, nice in theory but would never work. Because of the fluctuations of a country's economy it's not feasible. The economy in many countries is crumbling and a single currency might become too high of a price for them to earn or spend. We see this in history when the Germans after world war I, the German people couldn't afford the price of a loaf of bread. If we had a world currency then we'd have to have a world economy with everyone sharing the load. which would inevitably lead to wars.

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