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Why don't people believe the fact of evolution?

Biological evolution, the principle that species change over time due to the combination of random mutations and natural selection is a well accepted scientific fact (about a clear a fact as any).

Why do so many people insist on denying it? Why do people feel such a need to protect an archaic world view that they deny science?


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    May 3 2011: My view is that everything evolves both spiritually and physically. However with regards to Darwin's theory on simian, albeit admitting no proof, I cannot accept since logic don't allow it.

    Human beings are always human beings and always were. They evolved in physical structure along with their spirituality over the age of the planet. If we look at early man, we see them with larger jaws and teeth because they hunted and ate that way. Their physical design was apt for the consciousness. As they improved consciously they improved physical as well. Today we manipulate our environment and the more we continue to do so the more refined we become. It is nature and we are unique in it and so is every life form unique in its evolution. Physical and spiritual improvements are exclusive to each form, both human and non-human. So! yes we evolve and always have but we did NOT evolve the way Darwin purports it.

    Darwinist claim more than one theory and some hardly even agree or align with each other. I have had this discussion for a number of years and always found incongruent explanations. Some argue the missing link is sort of a metamorphosis that happened over thousands of years therefore an intermediate phase or fossil could not be found. How typical to add all those years when it cannot be observed even though they base their theory on empirical study. Evolutionary biologists sometimes claim there exist no fossil records regarding the origin of vertebrates because invertebrates have soft tissues and consequently leave no fossil traces. Another obvious unrealistic approach. Darwin said "If my theory be true, [the Cambrian] Age must have been full of living creatures."

    The "Piltdown Man" was a hoax in which bone fragments were presented as the fossilised remains of a previously unknown early human. Evolutionist are desperate to prove their theory?

    a good read
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      May 3 2011: DivineInterllect:

      To me it seems incredibly naive to study science and see that everything changes, moves, transforms, evolves and then say that humans always were and always will be just the way they are.

      The only reason I can see for thinking that way is a strong desire to maintain a mind-set based on "holy scripture".

      Is there anyone who believes that humans do not evolve who is not religious?
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        May 4 2011: I do believe we evolve, everything evolves and revolves. Humans evolve into better humans, more refined and an increased intellect but were always human. Each form perfects its self and that in its self is evolution. The only difference is I don't accept that we share a common ancestor nor that we come from the simian/ape family and this does not come from a religious belief.

        As for being religious, I am not at all. In fact I don't subscribe to any labels except believe in Creation (some call it God). I call it - all that exist, the total sum is it. We are it.
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          May 4 2011: Spontaneous generation of the complex?

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