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Why don't people believe the fact of evolution?

Biological evolution, the principle that species change over time due to the combination of random mutations and natural selection is a well accepted scientific fact (about a clear a fact as any).

Why do so many people insist on denying it? Why do people feel such a need to protect an archaic world view that they deny science?


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    Apr 12 2011: This Not an Idea its a question ,
    Please put in right place to find the right answer
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      Apr 12 2011: Sorry AbdelRahman. I put it in the wrong category to start with and can't change it now.

      But please comment in any case.
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        Apr 14 2011: Hi Tim
        I do not buy the evolution theory
        because evolution is a process and each process need planning and raw materils to give us the final product
        the structure of life have a common signature which tell us every thing is coming from one place
        and all these thing can not made it self very very difficult to believe in that
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          Apr 14 2011: AbdelRahman: Do you believe that all humans are related?
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          Apr 14 2011: Evolution is a fact however the components, causes/effect, and complete knowledge of evolution is not set in stone.

          I like to use fish as the prime example.

          You see there are billions upon billions of fish. It is a constant struggle to survive in the ocean. So fish have to keep evolving to adapt to their environment. There are fish who indeed live on land that need to say in wet mud to survive. There are fish that look like other fish just to try and get a bite of them. There are fish who bottoms are white and tops are dark blue. There are fish who make pattern-ships and evolve together in that pattern-ship. There are so many fish because of evolution!!

          You see evolution is happening as we speak, to deny it, is to deny nature.
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        Apr 17 2011: @Tim Colgan
        Yes I do
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          Apr 18 2011: How do you explain the variation of physical characteristics with the human species?
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        Apr 17 2011: @ Mosonic 33rd Ring
        GOD does not pop up he was always there what pop up is life it self
        you flip the picture there was nothing but GOD
        not life was there then GOD popup
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          Apr 19 2011: "How do you explain the variation of physical characteristics with the human species?"

          There is a story in Genesis that provides insight to this question, it's called the Tower of Babel.

          The story goes that originally the human race was of one language, when we decided we could build a tower that would reach heaven God became angry and confounded the language of the human race so that we could not understand each other.

          Religious scholars have expanded the meaning of the word language (applying the golden rule) to include race (a bit of a stretch I think)

          There is also the bible story of Cain and Abel (I think it's in Genesis also)

          Evil Cain murdered his good brother Abel so God cursed Cain with dark skin. Not only did God curse Cain but also his children, his children's children, and so forth.

          Another example (this is specific to LDS religion) is the story of the Nephites and the Lamanites in America. It is similar to the above, God cursed the wicked Lamanites with dark skin so they could be distinguished from the righteous Nephites.

          Religion does have some interesting theories, I find it illuminating to appreciate both sides of an arguement
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        Apr 17 2011: @Nicholas Lukowiak
        what is Nature ? is it the sun or Earth or water ?
        or us ?
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          Apr 17 2011: Ha, excellent question.

          Stars, organisms, and planets are all apart of nature. Nature is the unstoppable force in the universe that if understood and worked with would benefit exponentially without question. Natural evolution gave human beings a gift/result that is unmeasurable in it's ability for conquest. No other animal on this planet has this type of intelligence that goes beyond surviving. The more we understand nature in relation to the world is how the human race began science. Science is not merely biology, chemistry, and/or anatomy. It is everything.

          Science is the process of eliminating the unlikely to make the likely more likely. So when people say morals can be made by science they are right and wrong because morals developed science and science developed morals. True or false, it is easier to work with one another than against one another? Obvious, so science says work together because it is more beneficial than not.

          Religion came to be to an answer when trying to figure out what is the meaning or purpose of life? Instead of agreeing on helping one another to go beyond surviving, some people decided to answer with abstraction beyond logic and reason. There is no meaning to life beside what you make of life, but wouldn't life be better with everyone being your friend than a few select individuals?

          Science says for us to work together so no one is unhappy in life, and after that everything is extra. Get high, have fun, make love, be in love, explore, be the best at something, but live life.

          So what is nature? Survival of the fittest for animals. Except intelligence allows us to go beyond just surviving and be able to explore and create. The better question is "Can intelligence alter nature?" or "Does nature alter intelligence?" What is nature? A force that involved on the subatomic to the cosmic broad spectrum of reality.
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        Apr 18 2011: @ Masonic 33rd Ring
        Nice to talk to you too I enjoy talking to ashiest because they increase my faith
        yes you do exist but when did you exist
        where were you 100 years ago? and where you will be 100 years later
        hope you have a none preposterous idea
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        Apr 18 2011: @ Birdia Tak Wai Chan
        if life is about Get high, have fun, make love, be in love, explore, be the best at something, but live life."
        you forget one thing
        you did not and ca not choose your arrival and departure time to and from life
        so what make it possible you are here and what force will force to leave life
        if life was about to life as we want then why we do not have the privilege to come when we want and leave when we want
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        Apr 18 2011: @ Nicholas Lukowiak
        your definition does not make sense
        Nature is the unstoppable force in the universe
        but didn't nature made the universe in the first place

        Nature Survival of the fittest for animals.
        is the Nature which made animals is different from nature which made the universe ?

        Except intelligence allows us to go beyond just surviving and be able to explore and create
        what gave you the Intelligence in first place its nature of some this else

        so what is nature which able to create from where it get this wonderful idea ?
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          Apr 19 2011: Natural occurrences made the universe and continue to make the universe so thus nature is the unstoppable force in the universe.

          As far as survival of the fittest, yes, even on subatomic levels the atoms unneeded to move on to the next phase of their processes are eliminated. But I claimed with intelligence survival of the fittest becomes less and less needed, well unless you want to get into science fiction and consider the film "Independence day" as a plausible event as Hawkins does. However the universe is so vast that I cannot see how aliens need our resources when there is so much existing in the universe, if anything the resource would be humans. Sucks huh? Still highly unlikely.

          By harnessing nature as the accepted way to start all thinking, humans would do a lot less harm to one another. Science is beautiful because it says to eliminate the unlikely to make the likely more likely. Install that into everything and you a good system of morals and thinking. My favorite question: "What is better, to work together or to work against one another?" Easier said than done though. By denying nature you deny worlds of thought.


          You are being a nitpicker of ideas and phrases, stop it. I enjoy it because you are challenging me to think beyond what I have originally said, but you seem to not be absorbing much of this information to be directing so many nitpicking comments. Go and read articles and papers that simplify these ideas of nature, evolution, and the human condition after a while of question asking. Never stop questioning though, but do it on a personal level also.
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        Apr 19 2011: @ Tim
        "How do you explain the variation of physical characteristics with the human species?"
        I'm not specialist in this filed but I think due to genetic factors and life experiences
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        Apr 19 2011: @ Richard
        ". Yes it does need the raw materials the atoms and molecules that we consist of but they were always there"
        but according to Big Bang Theory there was nothing before 13.7 Billion years
        watch this talk @ 4:07
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        Apr 19 2011: @ Richard
        "Once born our life is ours and we have the privilege of living as we want."
        No you can not live as you want
        why do you sleep which take 1/3 of the fun time
        Why do you get tired ?
        Why do you eat ?
        why do you go to toilet ?
        If I had a choice to live as I want I would you choose
        not to sleep not to get tired not to go toilet not to feel hungry
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        Apr 19 2011: @ Richard
        " There was not nothing. The entire Universe existed in a black hole,"
        does this black exist before 13.7 Billion years?

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