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Why don't people believe the fact of evolution?

Biological evolution, the principle that species change over time due to the combination of random mutations and natural selection is a well accepted scientific fact (about a clear a fact as any).

Why do so many people insist on denying it? Why do people feel such a need to protect an archaic world view that they deny science?


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  • Apr 14 2011: Sharing an interesting experience... in another discussion group, someone confidently gave me the link to an ebook and told me that it conclusively disproves evolution using scientific data. I opened it up and the central point around which the whole book revolved was this : With the discovery of living fossils - ie, species whose imprints have been found in fossils but have also been found to be thriving to this day - evolution was disproved. It claimed that according to the evolution theory, EVERY fossil MUST be of an extinct animal. The author had taken care to mention a religious figure's name at every alternate sentence to lend himself some credibility. I had trouble controlling my laughter, then had to explain to my friend to please resist shoving lies down people's throats : There was no co-relation between fossils and extinction; no "evolutionist" ever said anything like that; and if that were to be believed then a simple human skeleton found in a cave would lead one to believe humans have gone extinct! :P
    So they pretty much float on hot air - it can get a little difficult to find out how to puncture the balloon but it sure makes for great entertainment.

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