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What should be or not be bought or sold?

What do you believe should or should not be bought or sold? Should filtered air someday be for sale (look what has become of water and with the stigma of smokers)? Should education be for sale? Should resources be sold? Should you be able to buy more rights than another? Should job applications be for sale? Should ideas be sold? Health care? Medicine? What do you believe is the best or the worst for the future in your answers?

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    Jul 20 2013: Hi Vincent,
    I like your drawing:) reminds me of http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_changing_education_paradigms.html
    (T 6:17-6:37)
    re. q. what should NOT be bought or sold: JUSTICE
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      Jul 20 2013: Agreed, Justice is sold today though.
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      Jul 20 2013: Thank you Julie. :)

      Ace in the hole on the link.
  • Jul 20 2013: I assist (unpaid) a group of individuals who are making a web site that helps by providing free education, as many just cant afford the cost of a 3 year course.

    I think it's not enough to say what shouldn't be for sale, now, it seems to me is the time to do something about it.

    And a little effort can go a long way to help, particularly as there are so many in the world with so little.
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      Jul 20 2013: I defiantly see this happening in the near future. Education will be web based and provided by the best teachers around the world. There will be no more public or private school systems eventually.

      Wait, is there anything more I can do to help? I currently have no web design experience.
      • Jul 21 2013: Thats great that you offer, but as of now there is not much left to do.

        But rather than just say no, I'd urge you to create a youtube channel Vincent, as you have no web exp, as in that case you wont need it. What ever your skills are, or experiences are, they can be explained and shared.

        All you need nowadays is a good camera phone and a little time and a prepared script .... not much to change the world :)

        Best of luck Vincent.
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          Jul 21 2013: Thanks for the advice and I am going though all the links you have provide. I need just a little time to view and process my thoughts on each.

          ;) For the record, I don't believe in luck. I never painted my front door red. Luck is like waiting for the right thing to fall in my lap, for me anyways. However, I understand your kindness.
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    Jul 20 2013: Anything that requires the time and effort of a person to provide should be sold, otherwise how could they live? This includes medicine, health care, and harvested resources. Civil rights are free and equal for all.
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      Jul 20 2013: Anything that requires the time and effort of a person to provide should be sold,

      So, at this moment one of us should be getting paid, you or me? Maybe both? What about TED? Are we not providing at this moment?
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        Jul 20 2013: Perhaps I should have said "may be sold." Certainly anything can be voluntarily given away for free. What must not happen is that someone is compelled to give away her efforts to provide something for free.
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          Jul 20 2013: You are providing your thoughts here for free. Thank you for making that happen :)

          otherwise how could they live?
          I will tackle this question later. One step at a time.
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    Jul 23 2013: Buying and selling isn't really the problem I see. The problem is trading ie I only buy the object because I think I will be able to sell it to someone else for more in the future. This is OK for art works or classic cars as bubbles and collapses in the market only affect those in the market, but it's a problem when traded commodities include food sources and the like because it destabilises the market as traders stockpile for a better price so the average consumer can't buy even though there is food available.
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    Jul 22 2013: Basic freedoms and rights should not be bought or sold. Everything else seems to be fair game as far as I'm concerned.
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    Jul 22 2013: People. And it is a rather big problem today with human trafficking and it is a fact that we cannot close our eyes upon.
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    Jul 21 2013: Sex. It should not be sold or bought.
    And so many other highly controversial things.
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    Jul 20 2013: The only thing i know of that is not for sale, that can never be or can be put up for sale is the voice in your head.
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      Jul 20 2013: I kindly ask to keep our clothes on. I don't wanna turn this into a religious debate of spiritual extacy :)
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        Jul 20 2013: Ah! I understand but i was actually talking about our true voice, the voice no one will ever hear. They say one day we will be able to copy it but without the original the copies will be worthless. The copied state will become a different entity the minute it boots up but i better get on topic.

        Pat has a saying that is true. All countries are made or destroyed by agreement.
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          Jul 20 2013: Not far from topic at all. I understand.
  • Jul 20 2013: Honor and integrity.



    Education is not for sale. The cost of providing an education is identified. The quality of the education, or at least the perceived value of the time of the professors is assessed, and it comes to the perspective students as a cost.

    Resources is a good question. Land is a commodity, the resource is a commodity, but what belongs to the owner of the land, and what belongs to the state, or the nation? I might be tempted to separate the cost of extracting, processing, and transporting the resources as something that businesses can charge for, but I think the resources belong to the public. (This opinion is not shared by the oil, coal, or mining industries)

    Not sure I understand job applications. I think that the employment process should be competitive and open, but employers should have the right to hire the person they determine is best qualified.

    Ideas are not a commodity until they are actualized, either with product or patent. I think the patent process is sufficient for protecting them.

    Health care is another service that I think should be shared public and private. Every person should be entitled to health care to the extent they need it to survive. However, the amount and quality of healthcare can certainly be stratified to enable those with more resources to pay for services they want beyond what is needed for life to continue. Physicians should be permitted to charge what they think their services are worth, and make a profit or suffer a loss based on these estimations. Healthcare, elderly care, and care for those unable to care for themselves also fall in this category.

    I think greed, the belief of entitlement to something for nothing, and loss of personal integrity and accountability are the challenges that future generations will face.
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      Jul 20 2013: I think I understand the job applications question. Right now those applying to some (maybe most) colleges or graduate schools need to pay a fee, often in the neighborhood of $80 or more, as their application fee to cover the processing of the application/consideration of the candidate. That fee can be waved for financial aid-eligible applicants.

      Candidates for some kind of work retain agents of a sort to showcase their "applications." Models and actors do this, I believe.

      The fee for job application may be logically related to these existing economic arrangements.
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        Jul 20 2013: Believe it or not, today job application fees do exist as well as schools. I shall provide proof if needed. I have to say I'm lost in your last sentence. How is it logically related? Should we be forced to showcase our applications? Talk about competition and marketing, eh?

        Sure would love to share.

        Now, the kicker is when selecting a single app for a specific company as it says "NO FEE" after filling out this long application that you expect to go to a single company the application "service" does not work by bringing you back to one page of questions and no matter how many times you answer all of them it starts all over.

        BTW, this is the only way to apply to this company as I was told to do...through this web site. A friend of mine in the same field told me a few years ago, "no pay, no play". This has been going on.

        Could anyone else share their similar experience? Please, don't tell me this is the only career field that does this.
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          Jul 20 2013: I did not know. It would be nice if you were to share some examples, not as proof but just to give people an idea of the situation.
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      Jul 20 2013: "why am I here on earth, How can I help my brothers and sisters who are in distress? etc. etc."

      Exactly, do you believe a large number of your brothers and sisters are not in distress? Do you believe this generation coming up has an equal and righteous chance?

      How do "we" get from new ideas if "our" old exhausted traditions never change?
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          Jul 20 2013: I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. The old tradition is the monetary system that I am speaking of. I don't believe it is a science although it does involve math, I could be wrong. I could form a hypotheses about it and say we are very near the end.
  • Jul 27 2013: I suppose by the very definition of Capitalism - is that everything can be bought and sold.

    Maybe that's what people forget, you can't have 'Capitalism lite'.
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    Jul 26 2013: I should not be bought or sold.

    Professional athletes, however, are bought and sold. I suppose what makes that different from slavery or "human trafficking" is that they volunteer for the transaction, not out of desperation but out of greed.
  • Jul 21 2013: The most important human needs should not be bought or sold, OWNED or CONTROLLED
    by any one person, corporation or country.
    Water, air, shelter, clothing, food, education, transportation and medical care to name a few.

    All humans share these needs and most of our labor is to supply/buy them.
    That is where inequality is created and because of it, more go without,
    live with less, and in pain, need and despair.

    All of them can be automated and are in the process of being automated.
    Think of jobs that people apply for. There are too many people and not enough jobs,
    so poverty and slavery populate, when in reality, we could educate more people and
    more trained and educated people could work and work less hours,
    with less stress, less, burden and pressures on their parenting environments, their
    relationship environments, their health environments, their educational environments,
    and virtually every aspect of human life, the world over.

    Humans working together, "working to-gather", could conceivably "gather up and clean all the world's garbage,
    land and sea, in perhaps only one to two years time.

    For the earth and "the (our) environment we live in and desperately need", I can think of nothing more
    important than that and again, it would bring us all 'to-gather"which would bring us together for a common goal,
    creating a common bond and beginning a real melting of the walls that our leaders use to keep us separated and wary of each other.

    Our human needs are jobs and our jobs are human needs and many need something to do to survive.
    Doing it this way could end human trafficking or reduce it to practically nothing.
    Most traffickers traffic to survive, not because they are bad people and those who don't traffic
    are good people? No, it ain't so. Survival is not a moral issue but for too many, with no choices
    and at least one stomach and mouth to feed, clothe and provide shelter for, it provides for them

    Don't condemn them or take away their jobs. Change the world.
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      Jul 21 2013: I understand working less hours at a job. Is there a way to get others to understand this? Eventually the service industry will be the only jobs left. However, even this can be replaced with technology. Talk someone into working less hours for the benefit of others seems like a next to impossible task.

      People are becoming more creative in the wrong direction. Do you see this? It burns bright in my eyes.
      • Jul 24 2013: Vincent.
        It is not a next to impossible task if everyone's needs are provided for: for free.
        That is why we work at slave labor,for slave wages and for slave hours.
        People are always looking for things to do, and ways to survive but if our needs were met, we
        could and would work less, have less fear, less crime and so on.
        I don't think it is a hard sell if one were to learn all their needs would be free, so to speak,
        for many less hours of work and everyone would have something to do that contributes to everyone.
        We would find common bonds and humans behave and react much differently when their needs are met.
        They don't conspire against their fellow man or woman or child, or another country, culture or religion.
        They are at peace.

        Since it is people who do the work, it is us giving these needs to us, to ourselves.
        Just with less hours and more leisure to live, enjoy, not worry and so on.
        Think about it for a while. Stretch your mind in that direction and see what you come up with.
        But, be careful and vigilant to see if some of your negative or nay saying-like thoughts about it,
        turn out to be not your own, but actually come from someone else, or something you read or heard and just accepted with out a lot of deeper thinking about it.
        We all do that and breaking out of that hypnotic way of thinking is one of the first steps.
        In fact, it is not really thinking at all. It is being hypnotized into reaction, or reciting.
        Look at the word" Entrance" at places to shop.
        Very interesting for a culture (America) which has been brainwashed into destructive
        addictive consuming (purchasing) of things they don't need, don't even want and that are made to become obsolete, leading to more pollution and faster use of earth's resources.

        People go out to buy just to buy, to make themselves feel better. It's sick.
        In a trance. Hypnotized to do it for the profit of a few and degradation of the many.
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    Jul 21 2013: Compassion.....shouldn't be
    Everything else are already on sale and buy list.
  • Jul 21 2013: Justice, education, medical treatment, air just to name a few.
    Justice should not be bought or sold, although we all know it is.
    Education in most countries is compulsory, so people should not be charged for it.
    Should we deny medical treatment to those who cannot afford it?
    Air should never be sold. Nobody owns the air, and as such nobody has the right to charge for it.
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      Jul 21 2013: Thanks Craig,

      BTW, do you believe tap water will make you sick if you drink it or too much of it because it has too many bad chemicals that are not filtered out?

      I don't believe ANY medical treatment should be denied to those who can't afford it. And I don't believe Botox or face lift is any form of medical treatment :)
      • Jul 21 2013: I personally have drank only tap water (i will not pay for bottled water) all my life. It's difficult to tell if this has had a negative impact on my health.
        I have considered many theories regarding tap water, but also have a certain amount of scepticism. I assume that any tap water that can cause poor health is a result of poor maintanance, rather than anything more sinister. But i would always consider any claims to the contrary.
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          Jul 21 2013: I understand and do the same. It is not good when marketing gets involved in education and health issues.

          Ever seen a label that says, "naturally flavored with other natural flavors"? What the...
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      Jul 21 2013: I can't really say that i "know" justice is bought and sold.
      • Jul 22 2013: In a system where legal representation is paid for, (and the more money you spend, the better representation you will get) both you and i KNOW that justise is bought and sold.
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    Jul 20 2013: in a sense everything is bought and sold, if you don't pay for it with your money you pay with your time and effort
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      Jul 20 2013: OK, I got ya. Which comes first the dollar or the time and effort? How much time and effort = $1? Who decides this?

      What makes it any different from this?

      Have you played farmville lately? lol
      What is opportunity and where is it?
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        Jul 21 2013: I suppose sometimes the dollar comes first, sometimes the time and effort. Although the dollar represents time and effort, so maybe it all boils down to time and effort. I suppose we all decide together how much time and effort equals one dollar.
        Boy, I'll have to think how it's all different from a pyramid scheme, cause it definitely has aspects of that.
        What is farmville?
        Opportunity is the chance to take something further, and it's all around us.
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      Jul 20 2013: "...the idea of selling stuff is all based on profiting which results from greed..."

      Don't you sell your time (at your job) in order to provide for yourself and your family? Everyone sells what they have (again, usually time) in order to trade for what they don't have. That's all that a free economic system is. Bartering is just a more complicated system of free economics. The desire to improve one's state of living is the basic human drive that defines life. The idealistic world you suggest is called socialism, and has been proven not to work everywhere it's been tried precisely because it removes all motivation to improve oneself.
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          Jul 20 2013: Money is just a convenience to simplify bartering, either of which can occur without the need for debt.

          No one can provide for all of his own needs beyond the hunter/gatherer cultural level. It was only by specializing work from one another (creation of jobs) that left some people free of food gathering in order to create ideas, which in turn lead to all of the advances (technical, cultural, political, etc.) of the past 13,000 years.

          The Mississippian Indians had an advanced free enterprise trade system that spanned far along the Mississippi/Missouri valley.


          Not to mention the economic systems of the Aztec, Incan, and Mayan cultures.