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Advertising on TED

Sergey Brin and that David Blaine had a realy short Ted Talk .I do think that they were using this public forum only for advertising their project,unlike some other people here in TED who give everything they got and teach the public they can.Did you all notice that the Blaine and Brin got the same face? If it looks like a duck,sounds like a duck its a duck.

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  • Jul 20 2013: Why have advertising if you don't need it.
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      • Jul 20 2013: The nerve you have to put an advertisment on a thread complaining about advertising on TED.
        I both admire your audacity and am outraged by your actions in equal amounts. The two cancel each other out and now i will be on my way.

        [EDIT] After coming across many more of these advertisments, i now lean towards feelings of annoyance.
        Please flog your merchandise at the appropriate venue.
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    Jul 19 2013: There have also been a few conversations started here that have been nothing more than advertisements.
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      Jul 20 2013: I am guessing lots of readers here don't click on such promotional links, precisely because they don't want to click on unsolicited ads or gambits to steer traffic to a blog.

      I know I wait for people to explain an idea here rather than following a link to see their explanation elsewhere.
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        Jul 20 2013: One particular one I'm thinking of is up to 45 comments so far. The OP never fails to reference her own web site in each and every reply.
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          Jul 20 2013: Honestly, though, I am guessing most people in TED Conversations find repeated self-advertisement annoying and will not follow such links. The more often the same link or plug is offered, the less likely I am guessing people follow it.
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    Jul 20 2013: uh, if you want more time on this, click "edit" and add more time.
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    Jul 20 2013: all the talks are advertisements to some degree. Everything every human being says ever has an aspect of being an advertisement.