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To Write A crowd sourced, self evolving, Novel(story) on TED in 30 days. With the help of the best argumentative minds in every field.

Every age has its own circumstances and its own problems, we can not continue to follow all the centuries old religious stories to guide us in the complex, dynamic, ever evolving present.

I guess the current generation is feeling a lack of guidance, when stuck to something very basic and very core, when they faced with the dilemma of right and wrong everyone needs to chose from the "self formulated/ self perceived right or wrong".
(I know there is no absolute Right & Wrong, but most of the time we have to take a stand to move ahead).

Hence today I Invite all the inquisitive and the best minds of century, in every field, at this common place, TED to at least try to formulate the introduction of the story in the next 30 days. And i believe we will take this story somewhere because i have some ideas in mind.

Just a thought to scratch - " This could be the story of the "Real Universal God", who actually gave the opportunities(various mystique) to rule over the people as REGIONAL GODS and keep the people in control for the sake of Deep Ecology. And hence this whole story tries to explore his true intention towards THE UNIVERSE .

I know, i know ! it has been tried many a times before, but who knows This is the right time, it was waiting to reveal itself.



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    Jul 23 2013: PAGE 2 -
    I realized Morgan was looking directly into the eyes of Aristo, Morgan took a deep breath in a perplex manner, turns towards me and asked – What do you believe, Is there an ‘Ultimate Ulterior Purpose’ or we are just Results of the complex co-incidences?
    It was the moment!!! The moment when you know you cannot postpone the question any longer, the moment you cannot give any excuse, there is no running away. This was the situation my ‘Always Self Alert ‘warned me off every time. Absorbing, holding & finally exploding my true anxiety, I Said '‘I don’t know.’' I bent my face down & continued looking in the vain.

    Aristo draw our attention by asking – But in any case we could not confirm the integrity of your so called ‘Ultimate Ulterior Purpose’ mr. Morgan.

    Morgan Nodded agreeing to his point and said- ‘What if we three discuss ‘The Ultimate Ulterior Purpose’?, imagining that I have read this ‘Ultimate Ulterior Purpose of the Creator’, In the form of a book and as now its in my head, I can speak for it and will try to prove every point under the boundaries of logic. This book is having such Ultimate Ulterior Purposes, that it was used by the Intermediately Interpreters to write their own version of The Ultimate Ulterior Purpose, but they manipulated the Interpretation.

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