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If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, which one would it be, and why?

I was wondering about how people with "perfect" senses felt about this question and how they would answer. (I am Deaf.)


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    Jul 22 2013: I read this question and realized that the answer is so clear for me, because the decision was not mine to make. It would be smell. I lost my sense of smell almost ten years ago when I had tumors removed which were wrapped around my septum. The entire septum was also removed as well as much of the cartilage and bone, leaving me with a giant hole in my face. Since that time, I have undergone many reconstructive surgeries and look a little bit better but the sense of smell never returned. In stead, it was replaced with scar tissue which cannot function in any way to help smell. When I close my eye and think of not being able to see, I am scared. When I put in ear plugs and cannot hear my husband say I love you, I am sad. When I think about not being able to taste a meal that I have spent two hours preparing, I would be frustrated. And if I think about not being able to feel the soft fur of my little puppy, I could just cry. So for me, although it was not my choice, the answer is smell. I live with a man who likes to work in the yard, and go to the gym and sometimes not being able to smell when he comes in is not so terrible!

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