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Have you ever had an idea that came from a day, or night dream, or a poem, that made you a hero, or made a little money?

Looking for examples of how dreams and poetry make ideas come to light. Has this happened to you, Did you start a business big or small from that idea, did you make a few dollars. Did you become a hero in some small way or save the day for a friend, a boss because of that dream or poem. I have listed several talks that are thought provoking above. They skirt the issue in interesting ways. The brain creativity, and inspiration are an endless source of fascination.


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  • Jul 24 2013: Peter, I was at the end of my rope several years back. I mixed a bottle of poison that I was going to take and end my sadness, my pain, and the burden that my family lead me to believe that I was. I sat on my bed and began to daydream of what would happen after I was gone. What would they think? What would they feel? Would anyone care? Would anyone look into why I did it? The day dream lasted for what seemed like days, although it was about an hour. I imagined that some caring prosecutor would sue my family for wrongful death. I imagined that they would go to court and that their cruelty would be exposed. I dreamed of the jury being asked to punish them all. And then I dreamed of what the Judge would sentence them to and I snapped out of it. I realized at that moment, that no matter what happened to them after I was gone that they were not going to change who they were - that nothing was going to change who they were - and I poured the poison down the drain. I have since thought about writing a book about this daydream, as I remember so much of it, and have written down lots of ideas. But the pain of putting it to words is too painful for me. Instead I now dream of happier things, and have come to terms with that very sad day dream.
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      Jul 24 2013: If I catch your drift, I would say they already poisoned you, but your strong healthy attitude, and spirit survived in spite of it. Pouring the bottle down the drain was really just the end of the toxic effects. The act of pouring it down the drain was merely a symbolic act of recovery , the end of suffering. Luckily for us all, the human spirit, body, and mind are very resilient. Luckily for us all you are here to share that story, and help others who are injured in that way. I loved my family as myself, but they were also victims of a pernicious poison that's been destroying lives and self esteem for thousands of years. It's a poison spread by money grubbers, and manipulators to keep you under their boot. I'm so glad you are here to be with us. Please keep coming back.
      • Jul 24 2013: Thanks so much Peter. And, wow, what insight. I never thought of it like that. I was trying to run from the pain, but the damage was already done. As you put it, they already poisoned me. But, I have worked very hard to let it go. I have found that continuing to hurt only gives them power over me that they simply don't deserve to have. When times were tough in my life my own family ran for the hills, making me feel unworthy, useless and a burden to them - which by the way was all the result of serious illness. In my family, if things are not A okay - you are thrown away. But it is people like yourself that have given me a better way of looking at things, and a deep appreciation for what really matters, my husband, our son, my health. Thanks again for this question and your comments.
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          Jul 24 2013: Congratulations by the way. You are the first one to understand the meaning of my question, which I thought was such a simple question. You have demonstrated the reason I asked the question. That is. Have you ever become a hero because of a dream? You have clearly become a hero because of your dream. When anyone overcomes illness, addiction, poverty, disabilities, ignorance, fear, hatred, prejudice, indoctrination, propaganda,or domestic abuse, they are a hero. Just take your medal, like a good soldier. That's an order. Now go forth and be happy. : )

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