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Natural soundscape archive repository

We are actively looking for an academic home for my natural sound archive, one that will support (1) an academic chair specifically dedicated to the field of Soundscape Ecology, (2) a named Center for Soundscape Studies, and (3) the Global Soundscape Project, one that embraces and connects a citizen-science community to that of the more formal realm of scientific enquiry.

The archive description is available upon request. chirp@wildsanctuary.com


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    Jul 22 2013: Thanks, Lejan. The British Library of Wildlife Sounds (if this is the reference) is a wonderful repository. And they certainly know about this collection.
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      Jul 22 2013: Show an expert in his field, what he doesn't know already ... :o)

      And yes, the reference was the 'British Library Sounds' as well as the Canadian based 'World Soundscape Project'. Yet reading between lines, both do not seem to match what you are looking for?

      Anyway, I wish you good luck in finding it and like to thank you for preserving the symphony of our world!

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