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Natural soundscape archive repository

We are actively looking for an academic home for my natural sound archive, one that will support (1) an academic chair specifically dedicated to the field of Soundscape Ecology, (2) a named Center for Soundscape Studies, and (3) the Global Soundscape Project, one that embraces and connects a citizen-science community to that of the more formal realm of scientific enquiry.

The archive description is available upon request. chirp@wildsanctuary.com


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    Jul 19 2013: Dear professor,

    Thanks for your interesting talk at TEDglobal 2013, I watched you live on that day. What a great presentation of an interesting subject.

    I'm nobody but a science student from Thailand. I believe that your specific area will have an impact on forestry and ecology study as well as on making conservation plan. May be there are some evergreen forests in Thailand that would interested you. I believe that professional in these area are very keen to collaborate with you. I once spoke to my friends at my university, Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Science, Department of Biology), that some had been studied about birds' call in the wild. Your tools may come in handy and in the same time, you may get interesting data. I don't know if this is still on-going project. But surely there will be some other interesting studies.

    Please check it out. Let me know if I can be further helpful.

    All the very best professor.
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      Jul 19 2013: Thank you, kindly, for your note, Kelwalin. Let us know what we can do to help with the forestry project, if it is still operational. I'm sure we can offer some observations that might be worthwhile.

      All the best,
      Bernie Krause, PhD
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        Jul 21 2013: Dear Dr. Bernie,

        Thanks for your reply! I've quick online messages from my lecturers back home in Thailand. They seem to love your project. I think it may take a while for them to discuss about it. I'll keep you post. But in the case they want to be in touch with you, what would be convenient for you? may be email? Please leave your contact detail here or via TED message.

        I'll be overjoy if all of you can do some great project together. Keep in touch Dr. Good luck.

        All the best,
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          Aug 14 2013: Hello, Keiwalin:
          You and/or your colleagues can reach Dr. Krause and I directly at: info@wildsanctuary.com Thank you for your kind remarks.
          All Best,
          Kat Krause

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