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Natural soundscape archive repository

We are actively looking for an academic home for my natural sound archive, one that will support (1) an academic chair specifically dedicated to the field of Soundscape Ecology, (2) a named Center for Soundscape Studies, and (3) the Global Soundscape Project, one that embraces and connects a citizen-science community to that of the more formal realm of scientific enquiry.

The archive description is available upon request. chirp@wildsanctuary.com


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    Jul 20 2013: Thanks for the note, Peter. That's the way we all begin this process...a combo of luck and curiosity. Mine occurred back in 1968, after my late music partner, Paul Beaver, and I had just introduced the synthesizer to pop music and film. We needed to collect natural sound for our first Warner Bros. album, "In a Wild Sanctuary," the first on the theme of ecology and also the first to incorporate natural soundscapes directly into textures of the orchestration. That meant that I had to go "out in nature" and gather material. I did the window routine. Then, actually ventured out into the woods (Muir, just N. of San Francisco, in this case) for the first time. It was October and most birds had fledged or migrated by that time. But there was still enough natural soundscape to include in the album. The moment I switched on the recorder and heard the stereo sound field open up in my headphones, my life changed. I've been outside recording ever since.

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