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Natural soundscape archive repository

We are actively looking for an academic home for my natural sound archive, one that will support (1) an academic chair specifically dedicated to the field of Soundscape Ecology, (2) a named Center for Soundscape Studies, and (3) the Global Soundscape Project, one that embraces and connects a citizen-science community to that of the more formal realm of scientific enquiry.

The archive description is available upon request. chirp@wildsanctuary.com


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    Jul 20 2013: 40 years ago I put my microphones out the window of the third story of the music building at university and began recording soundscapes. That lead me to a lifetime of listening and recording. While my career has been immersed in music education and performance this is still at the core of my understanding of nature and our sonic environment. Bernie's work is so important! The digital tools available now will greatly enhance the library of our global resources.

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