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The educational reform... One video sums it all up!

We hear so many people discussing education but this is the first video where a student himself is saying:

I'm a success story of this system and I'm here to tell you that this system is broken!

  • Jul 25 2013: Public School policy is controlled by corporations who want capable workers who are trained to follow orders. The education this man is talking about is the kind you get from a Father. As he said both he and the other kid he referred to had "mentors". Why do you think so many professional tennis players are children of tennis players? Why are so many doctors and lawyers the children of doctors and lawyers?

    Public school is not focused on the 1%, their focus is on the 80% who otherwise would have no education at all. Public education will never be able to replace a father or mother.

    The Bible charges the education of children to be done by the parents: "father's teach your children", "Mothers teach your children". There is no "school system" set up in the Bible. The only reference to any school in the Bible is the reference to a heresy, which was not a favorable reference.

    The problem with the schools is not the school, it is the parents who have ceded their responsibility to educate their children.
  • Jul 23 2013: Hi Dear George Lincoln,it is going to be broken someday,but not yet...You know the new thing wants to surpass do need to go through in ZigZag road,I can sense the revolultion of education is around tightly...

    Could you share your story more detail with us?Thanks.
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    Jul 23 2013: What's needed is not reform--but revolution. School as it is becomes less and less relevant every day. I think as long as we keep ourselves willingly in the bondage of standardisation and willingly at the mercy of commercial educational materials industry-- and as long as we keep thinking that children cannot chart a course for their own learning or that they cannot contribute to society until they "grow up" then nothing will really be that different.
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    Jul 20 2013: Exactly.

    I especially liked how he questioned the dubious diagnoses of ADHD, by the "experts".

    At the end of the day we are responsible for our own education.

    The quote he made was particularly elegant: Education is simply the manifestation of perfection already present in man.

    I see it that way as well, people are organically smart, let them manifest it. Quit perverting this intelligence. Coax them into curiosity and communication as this trumps the rest.