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Discovering the way to your passion.

People tend to have passion for multiple things. The passion to achieve the goal is present but what if they hate the way in which they have to reach the goal and there is no other way. How can they proceed further with the dislike for the way in order to achieve their goals ?

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    Jul 21 2013: Passion is not something to be discovered. Or the other way can be said if something has to be discovered that can be anything else but not one's PASSION.
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    Jul 20 2013: Uh, you can't, if it doesn't come naturally leave it. Instead find a way to use your lack of passion, if life gives you lemon s, make lemonade.
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    Jul 20 2013: Ya! it is really true. India is known for a large population country. it has very high competition for getting education in a good college.