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Is wishing and hoping a religious concept?

Is the random act of kindness considered a religious act? Probably not. Caring and loving is not limited to religion, but rather a way to treat one another. Isn't it? Why must we form religions in order to learn to be kind to each other? Was it to put fear into people so they would get along with one another? If so why are there more wars in the name of God than any other name? Serenity is not just a prayer, but a way which we extend kindness onto one another and onto one's self to live in harmony. Share with me your thoughts.


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  • Jul 20 2013: I will share my thoughts or belief on hope.
    Hope is a false concept and another false belief that humans worship,
    similar in nature to the majority of lies or false representations religions have used to control
    humans with. "Hey, there's always hope." Right. And nothing ever gets done by hope.

    Religion has a natural propensity to descend into Fascism. The main purpose of religion
    is the complete annihilation of the human spirit. Killing the human spirit is the goal of Fascism
    and the best and strongest method for controlling the "beast".
    "The beast" is a term long used by religion and politicians to describe the populace, the very
    people they believe need to be totally controlled in thought, word and deed and certainly in numbers.

    This is based completely in my personal experience with people of religion, religious leaders, followers
    and believers, and their spokespeople.

    Just who in the world does not want peace? Leaders. Those who benefit from war, death, terror, drugs
    and all the other money-making evils such as poverty, politics, morality, slavery, they allow, create and keep alive.
    They are the only ones with the means to do so and the people have voted them in to office because they believe their lies. They have put or allowed into positions of power true sociopaths and psychopaths.
    Kindness will not come from them.
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      Jul 20 2013: This was certainly an explanation and criteria of the fear basis!!!
      • Jul 21 2013: Hi Leslie.
        What do you mean?
        In what way?
        and what is the "fear basis"?

        By the way, serenity is not a prayer.
        It is a word, an idea or state or condition, but may I assume you were referring to what is
        known as "the serenity prayer"?

        For me, I created a word called "surrendity", a combination of surrender and serenity.
        One seems to lead into the other or perhaps each is connected to the other.
        Serenity is peace and peace can come from surrender but I think in today's world,
        people should be careful what they surrender to.
        For instance, the spiritual axiom that one cannot find peace until they surrender and accept
        that all is exactly as it should be in "God's" world, could be dangerous especially if there is
        no God!

        In speaking of the past, I think people behaved the way they did because life was very hard, harsh and even ferocious, but mainly because the human being is fueled by deep, primal fear they do not wish to feel, experience or allow to be alive and present in their conscious minds.
        Humans are a deeply, deeply frightened animal and thus react and are even taught to never admit or express their fear, to push it back down and go on, walk through it and so on. Some of that is good and necessary but the remnants, the residue, much like the gunky residue of say, Catholicism, is still stuck to their insides and dilutes the truth of other ways to live, behave, emote so that when the truth has to run through their baffle system just to reach their inner most core, it has been diluted of the truth and they remain a baffled lot.

        It is very hard to share the essence, that "all the way to heaven, is heaven"

        But I still don't understand your comments to me. I am not very bright, so please elucidate
        and no, that wasn't a date request. :)
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          Jul 21 2013: The "Beast" of society is what you referenced. The sociopaths and psychopaths. The fear of leadership or fear of facing a "God".

          My point is can a person simply want the best outcome without channeling a prayer, wish or hope to another person without the use of "godspeed" and "bless you" jargon?
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          Jul 21 2013: I have usufruct of the word Serenity for the purpose of prayer with explanation and I have referenced it due to the use of words like Wishing and Hoping. I am not dingy!

          I am trying to make a point in the use of words, the etymology, meaning, derivative and to how they have come down thorough passage of time. Could these words be derived from the works of the holy ones in reference to a God and a type of prayer?

          Perhaps I misinterpreted your prior statement regarding leaders and you.

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