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Is it true that we do things mostly for our benefits?

I have stumbled across someone saying that "As human beings, everything we do is because of our own benefits. Even when we choose to help someone, we do it because the kind act brings us happiness."

To some extent it is true. What do you think about this point of view?


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  • Jul 22 2013: Yes, people "do things"(I think you specifically mean help) mostly because they enioy it and it gives them some sort of satisfaction and I am not opposed to it when considering the alternative which is to not have any kind of satisfaction from the "good deed" that was done and to just mechanically help people.

    The satisfaction that people get is from the sense of seeing that the help that was given has reached the benefactor and has resulted in his "prosperity" (kinda exaggerated) but I hope you get my point.

    Helping people doesn't give any 'positive' emotion only if you're* dead inside.

    That's my view anyway.

    Of-course, my view is by no means involving the help offered to everyone everyday to do mundane process.

    *I am not personally addressing you but I am addressing the guy who shows no emotion when he offers to help someone

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