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What have you learned from animals?

I was thinking about squirrels and how they eat pine nuts and acorns, and this led me to watch YouTube videos how I could harvest pine nuts and acorns.

Hearing how animals emphasize smell led to me to read books and articles about perfume.

Sometimes I'll get down on all fours and walk like an animal to exercise my arms.

Hearing how jackals eat bones on the African plains helped me realize you can eat hard things. I used to think you couldn't eat a snail live because the shell was too hard. But now if I find a garden snail on my walk I'll eat it, shell and all. I discovered the shell really isn't all that hard.


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

I concluded that people do watch animals and think about what they do and learn from them but I wondered if they could go farther. For example, I wish there weren't "indecent exposure" laws, I wish we could go nude in public like when I want to go out and hang laundry on the line to dry.

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  • Jul 20 2013: Sadly, due to their owner's lack of responsibility, some of these retrieved animals will never again be suitable as pets and must be exterminated. They are either determined to be too sick or vicious to be rehabilitated. But this is due to man's irresponsibility in caring for his animals...not the animals fault. Greg, I would hesitate placing any animal in your care for your attitude seems totally lacking in compassion and bordering on macho-abusive.
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      Jul 20 2013: Gee, M-L, where have I seemed totally lacking in compassion and bordering on macho-abusive, I don't see it. Well, let me put it another way, why doesn't a dog who is being abused simply flee into the woods? I just find it hard to believe it's love for the abusive master, but that's what you think it is?

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