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For what purpose we live?

How many routes really belong to us? How many scences were really symbolic of our lives? Sometimes I ask these to myself. When I have a dream, I think I live for the dream; when I fall in love with someone, in some degrees, I think I live for him. But the dream may disappear one day and the one I love will pass away one day. I image the day that I lose everything. All I have is just myself. Are we live for ourselves? Someone stand up again, but there are so many people give up. It's really hard to find out what the purpose is, especially for the people who don't have religious belief or something.
Maybe different people have different answers, so for what purpose you live and in your opinion for what purpose we human live?


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    Jul 29 2013: The purpose of life is to enjoy life.
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      Jul 29 2013: I agree Frans.....as long as our enjoyment is not at the expense of others. I believe we can all contribute to enjoyment in our own life, as well as enjoyment for the whole:>)
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        Jul 29 2013: But Colleen, what enjoyment could there be as it doesn't include the wellbeing of all and everyone?
        The more all flourishes the better we feel unless someone is hurt and will need some healing first.
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          Jul 29 2013: Oh I agree Frans, and I understand what you were saying. Some folks, when presented with the idea that life is to enjoy, will immediately say that is selfish. I felt like clarifying:>)

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