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For what purpose we live?

How many routes really belong to us? How many scences were really symbolic of our lives? Sometimes I ask these to myself. When I have a dream, I think I live for the dream; when I fall in love with someone, in some degrees, I think I live for him. But the dream may disappear one day and the one I love will pass away one day. I image the day that I lose everything. All I have is just myself. Are we live for ourselves? Someone stand up again, but there are so many people give up. It's really hard to find out what the purpose is, especially for the people who don't have religious belief or something.
Maybe different people have different answers, so for what purpose you live and in your opinion for what purpose we human live?


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  • Jul 20 2013: You were endowed with 5 senses, indulge them, be a hedonist and live out life. I feel that even thinking about such things is a waste of the time in your life. I'm not saying you just do things without thinking, you should always weigh your options when making a decision and not be extremely spontaneous all the time, but when it comes to those existential philosophical questions that are extremely difficult to answer and are pretty much unanswerable because there are so many ways to go about it, just don't think about them, because you will never find a provable answer, and instead just enjoy the time while you have it. After all, you wouldn't want to spend all your vacation wondering what you want to do, right?
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      Jul 22 2013: But for someone, someone like me, we need a reason. Maybe someone like you think it's meaningless.
      I think we should have goals, even we can't meet the goals or we always change our goals, we still need it, to remind us of want we want to do or where we want to go. And these goals build the purpose. Maybe we can't give it a certian name, but we can feel it, it makes us keep going on.
      • Jul 23 2013: I used to be like you, but honestly, you'll never be able to find a reason, there is no hard evidence that you should be living a certain way, sure there are religions and philosophies but they base their beliefs on assumptions about what's right and wrong as well as on other things.
        Your goal should be to do whatever you want to do, to pursue whatever path you naturally want to in life, not to follow someone elses path because society has said that path is "good". I don't find life meaningless at all, I find life an opportunity to be happy, just because you aren't following something else doesn't mean your life is meaningless.

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