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For what purpose we live?

How many routes really belong to us? How many scences were really symbolic of our lives? Sometimes I ask these to myself. When I have a dream, I think I live for the dream; when I fall in love with someone, in some degrees, I think I live for him. But the dream may disappear one day and the one I love will pass away one day. I image the day that I lose everything. All I have is just myself. Are we live for ourselves? Someone stand up again, but there are so many people give up. It's really hard to find out what the purpose is, especially for the people who don't have religious belief or something.
Maybe different people have different answers, so for what purpose you live and in your opinion for what purpose we human live?


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  • Jul 19 2013: I don't know if this is my theory or if it exists already but I thought it on my own. I believe there is two innate traits in humans. The first is the desire to control. The second, that is meant to assist the first, is the desire to learn. You need to be able to learn the environment before you can control it. I believe we live to control. Whether its controlling your income so you can control luxuries life experiences, controlling where human growth might be in the future after you die, controlling the opinions of others (politics), or controlling the emotions of others (musicianshipartwork).
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      Jul 19 2013: But knowledge is infinite; and environment,future or something are too strong to control. In my opinion "control " is a word contian offensive.
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          Jul 19 2013: Well, maybe because I'm young, I pay more attention to the freedom. One day when I become a parent, I think I can understand it better.
        • Jul 19 2013: I feel my statement was misinterpreted. I mean control as in controlling your life. Taking control. And of course the world is too big to control. People create boundaries for themselves when they feel they lack control. defense mechanisms. For example: habitual actions. you're only controlling the things you have a very good understanding of. Feeling a lack of control and understanding of new things from the past has the mind create a habitual boundary to keep control. I'm not trying to be offensive saying things like control a human like a slave. Not at all. Its pretty much another word for living how you want to live and acting to your environment in ways that it will respond to how you desire.
    • Jul 19 2013: "Control" is a primary symptom of the psychotic personality.

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