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How do you manage life's relationships?

With so much change in people and the environment, how do you maintain a relationship? I know there is no ideal formula, but what do you do to keep a relationship with friends, family, clients, etc.? Is there a set way to manage a relationship?

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    Jul 19 2013: You change, I change, everybody changes. Even the dead body decays.
    Relationships are hard work; they require decisions, determination, time, focus and energy.
    But they are very important for life and living. The level of one's closeness to family, friends, colleagues, pets and so on; would be different.

    One should just get the priorities right and give everybody his or her due.
    • Jul 28 2013: we cannot rebut that everything is changing. And I like your point Feyisayo. People feel they are deserve when they are given their due. We all know it literally, but it is quite hard to pratice because some kind of selfish sides we all have.
  • Jul 19 2013: " I know there is no ideal formula "

    Actually, there is : LOVE
    Even the slightest move in the direction towards the ideal will improve any of your life's relationships.
  • Jul 19 2013: Hey I H,
    I learned the hard way, maintaining a relationship means complete trust, and authenticity. Taking each other seriously, by not always saying what the other wants to hear. I tend to want to please others too much, which backfired miserably in my relationship. Fortunately, the foundation was strong enough to salvage, and we've never been tighter.
    In my experience, long-lasting relationships are built on a rock-solid foundation and sincerity, regardless of distance.
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    W. Ying

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    Jul 18 2013: . .
    Instinctively, there is "a set way to manage a relationship" ---- symbiosis.
    Instinct is our ancestors' successful experiences in our DNA.
  • Jul 28 2013: Due to advance in technologies, we can have enormous opportunities regardless of region. This TED conversation is one of those examples. But most important thing is sincere attitudes toward people. If one keeps it mind, them he/she will develop relationships more deeper. SNS and digital tools are just the means not the end.
  • Jul 20 2013: very carefully.
  • Jul 20 2013: Avoidance.
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    Jul 19 2013: Communication is the key. The other points are being self aware as well as keeping others perspective in mind while communicating are vital. Above all have to be genuine.
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    Jul 19 2013: How do you manage life's relationships .. one at a time. With each of the relationships you mentioned there are indeed boundaries. Family is the one you have the most open relationship with ... friends, open but guarded ... clients, co-workers, etc .. professional.

    There are social boundaries that are to be maintained.

    You ask what to do to maintain a relationship /// any and all relationships take work.

    There is no set way to manage any relationship ... they all have ups and downs ... some are a great test of your love ... some are pure joy ... the test is not for them but for you. You can be the strong and sturdy oak tree or you can be the willow that gives and takes. During troubled times the willow has the better chance of survival.

    The only answer I have is to be there for your family and friends in their time of need .... for clients / co-workers support them but remain professional.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Jul 19 2013: I don't think there's a set way to manage a relationship, it's a million little tricks. One is to always keep in the back of your mind that you might be wrong. Another is to ask a lot of questions, and a third is to be tuned in to and interested in detail.