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Recharge failed borewells and re-activate it

The seasonal changes in the climate affect out day to day life. Unavailability of drinking water in the summer and abundant water in the winter is a common problems which leads to an imbalanced ecosystem. During rainy season, one searches place to drain the excessive water and during summer searches for water and digs bore-wells and suck the underground water. This water is neither returned to ground nor recharged. The underground doesn't get affected by the seasons that exists over the surface. The water taken from it should be returned back. One keep on sucking water makes it to fail. A failed borewell therefore is my evidence to balance the ecosystem. By creating filters and a trench over a failed borewell, and making channels from a place where water stays during rainy season, the excessive water goes back / recharged the underground, thus enabling flood disposal and save water for summer.


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  • Jul 18 2013: There is constant flow and movement. Except for a cystern I don't see it.
    • Jul 21 2013: If there was a conastant flow why were there failed borewells? And final thing all do close the hole and put new one
      These happens in many country thus puncturing eartth crust almost every 200 sqft.
      My point is to reduce their intensity, also do flood management , by discharing in one borewell , drains good amount pls see
      • Jul 22 2013: Good I didn't get it either. I just suggested having a reserve for the dry months.

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