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Who is a great teacher?

After going through different dimensions of teacher and learner; i am yet to find an answer to the following questions;
Who is an effective teacher?
Who is a great teacher?
What qualities make a great teacher?
How can we develop to be a great teacher?
What is the role of a teacher if everything is available in Wikipedia?
Why there is a need for a teacher?
We find teacher in non teachers like Buddha~ How do we explain?
Are we polishing pebbles and dimming diamonds in classrooms?
We find non teachers in class room who just take it up as another avocation to put bread on their table.
Please see Clifford Stoll's lecture ~ is it possible for us to do like that everyday?

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    Apr 16 2011: Socrates, man, definitely Socrates. A great teacher has to teach you how to step back and examine the framework and assumptions too, not just the content.
    • Apr 17 2011: There is no doubt about it Erik. Is it possible to use Socratic method in the class. Do we have time for it?
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        Apr 17 2011: You always have to cut some stuff. I give different weights to topics, so, for instance, we dug down to real Socratic type stuff when I used the Stuxnet vid in my classes, or when we talked about whether the Wikileaks hacking/counter-hacking constituted a "war." Time on topics is like budgeting on a shopping trip - there's always more stuff you wish you could buy, but never enough money to do it all.

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