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Who is a great teacher?

After going through different dimensions of teacher and learner; i am yet to find an answer to the following questions;
Who is an effective teacher?
Who is a great teacher?
What qualities make a great teacher?
How can we develop to be a great teacher?
What is the role of a teacher if everything is available in Wikipedia?
Why there is a need for a teacher?
We find teacher in non teachers like Buddha~ How do we explain?
Are we polishing pebbles and dimming diamonds in classrooms?
We find non teachers in class room who just take it up as another avocation to put bread on their table.
Please see Clifford Stoll's lecture ~ is it possible for us to do like that everyday?

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    Apr 14 2011: Schools are Administration Vehicles.

    Great teachers are individuals who think for themselves and take the time to share, guide, talk, discuss, laugh and poke holes with others.

    Great teachers answer when a question is asked.

    A school-teacher is a person doing the job of delivering a government directed curriculum. Are you judging them by their success as an administrator or their ability to connect with others?
    • Apr 17 2011: Dear Scott Armstrong, Thanks for your posting. However, Do great teachers make you think and encourage questions and feel not at all ashamed to say that he does not know the answer. Is it possible to do it in a class and still have the respect of students? In my opinion if a teacher will be more respected if he or she says that he needs time to answer.
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        Jun 8 2011: Yes, of course. A great teacher will encourage their student to search or study or think, even when they have no answer to give.

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