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But what if it is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY?! Could global crime syndicates turn 'white collar', TNC-like, and take control of the world?

Near the end of 'Who Controls the world" James B. Glattfelder concludes: "This means that its structure is probably the result of self-organization. It's an emergent property which depends on the rules of interaction in the system, so it's probably not the result of a top-down approach like a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY" (emphasis added).

Glenny says global criminal organizations are increasingly turning to white-collar crime and Glattfelder says we are only just now capable of noticing the existence of self-organized, top-down global conspiracies. So what do you think are the chances?

And look at how Glattfelder seems to leave the door of possibility a bit wider in his research article, 'The Network of Global Corporate Control':

"Since many TNCs in the core have overlapping domains of activity, the fact that they are connected by ownership relations could facilitate the formation of blocs, which would hamper market competition [14]. Remarkably, the existence of such a core in the global market was never documented before and thus, so far, no scientific study demonstrates or excludes that this international “super-entity” has ever acted as a bloc. However, some examples suggest that this is not an unlikely scenario. For instance, previous studies have shown how even small cross-shareholding structures, at a national level, can affect market competition in sectors such as airline, automobile and steel, as well as the financial one [13], [14]."


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    Jul 18 2013: There is nothing to be worried about. Global crime syndicates are no match for the deceit, treachery, and parasitism of professional politicians at every level.
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      Jul 18 2013: Ha. Gee, what a relief. At least I can occasionally vote for which deceitful, treacherous, and parasitic professional politicians I want (not that all politicians are deceitful, treacherous, and parasitic, theoretically speaking).
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      Jul 18 2013: Yeah, but politicians don't carry knives & guns. And if they do, they don't use them to get what they want! Politics has always attracted that handful of men willing to lie, cheat, & white-collar/steal what they wanted.

      In ancient times, the appointment of a Governor to a newly conquered province was for the express purpose of "subduing" the population & milking the province & its people for every dime that could be squeezed out of them! That was just how things were done back then.

      Even the crucifixion of Jesus was nothing more than a routine event to rid the province of a troubling situation that King Herod had managed to dump on the Roman Governor: Pontius Pilate. The question wasn't so much the guilt or innocence of Jesus but a high stakes political poker-game between Herod/Pilate. Crucify the problem & get it off the table. All the religious history & theology aside - that was just how politics was done back then.

      No wonder we rank politicians just behind lawyers as two professions which offer society zero redeeming social value. That's a 'Global Conspiracy' that we need to address.

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