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What’s the difference between intuition and occurrings?

Telling the difference between occurrings and the following other phenomena that seem like occurrings? Like:
1.making conscious assessments about the events,
2. positive thinking (affirmations),
3. random thoughts,
4. alternative interpretations, and
5. intuition I have about events.

Another phenomenon that is confused with occurrings is intuition. Intuition is a type of knowing that usually doesn't depend on the five senses; it is a feeling about something that seems to be true.

If you are able to distinguish your occurrings from the other phenomena and dissolve the occurrings, do you think you can create your moment-to-moment experience of life.

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    Jul 17 2013: Jide, intuition comes from inside you (insight) ...occurrings come from outside...
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    Jul 18 2013: To my feeling
    Occurring is some event of future for which one may or may not have taken any conscious decision to influence.
    Intuition is some feeling at PRESENT time about some occurring in FUTURE for which one hasn't taken any conscious decision to influence.
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    W. Ying

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    Jul 18 2013: .

    My answer:

    Intuition ---- The computation result of data in our soul.
    Occurring ---- The computation result of data in our soul plus acquired.
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    Jul 17 2013: You create what you see. Also called Karma

    Example perform some action you would not normally do. Hold the door for an elder, help a lady across the street, admire someone for a job well done, take note that you will be the benefactor of a similar gesture in the near future. You will go wow that is trippy, or something similiar, just LOOK.

    It works the opposite way as well. I remember when I was a kid I broke a bottle on the beach so I buried it in the sand. My friends mom said now someone is going to step there and cut their foot. Less than an hour later guess who cut their foot?

    No one owns the future. Put your claim in on it by making positive decisions about how yours' is going to happen. It WILL happen as you decide it will. I recommend you make positive decisions, it is more fun that way.
  • Jul 18 2013: I believe that this discussion is nearing clarity.