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Cybernetics: New robotic prosthetic organs and the ethtical implications.

In an article in the economist, a team of robotics experts have created a working human body, comprised completely of artificial prosthetics. The robot had no cognition but had a working heart that pumped blood through the system and a working digestive system. These new prosthetics could be the future of organ replacement. This great stride forward in cybernetics has brought up some ethical concerns. The prosthetics, at first, will be extremely expensive, leaving room only for the rich to partake in the new prosthetics. This alone brings up many questions. For instance, say that these prosthetics are actually more efficient than the original organs, how do we determine who is in need of a prosthetic? The implications of a completely robotic organ system, could also be the prolonged life of the rich, if the technology is good enough, it could allow them to live forever.

Some questions to think about:

1)Who should get these prosthetics?
2)Should voluntary surgeries be allowed to increase the efficiency of the human body?
3)Where do we draw the line at what type of prosthetics a person should be allowed to get?
4)Is it ethical to allow people able to afford prosthetics to increase their life span hundreds of years or indefinitely?
5)A less important question in my mind but….where do we draw the line at what is human and what is robot?


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  • Jul 17 2013: Cybornetics is a 2012 science fiction film written & directed by Dwayne Buckle. Cybernetics is probably what your talking about.
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      Jul 17 2013: Thank you for the correction....do you have any thoughts? Or just that correction?

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