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What if you peeled off the mask you are wearing?

Are you wearing any mask?
How many masks are you wearing?
Why are you wearing it?
Is their any one person who sees what's behind the masks you wear?
The freedom and joy of being ourselves without fear


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  • Jul 30 2013: Thank you, Sylvia, for those uncomfortable words. And although my closet to house those masks has grown dusty and thankfully less frightening over the years, my many faces are perhaps the only collection I shall hope to never be without. These personas we have been- or deigned to be or tried to be- each is us, in part and in total, even if lifted nuance by nuance directly from another"s playbook. In identity there is multiplicity.and this union of our identities is our essence. Our masks are only a tidy way to compartmentalize their memories long after the bravado or sass or direction for which it served is long since gone. Each discovered and shared our secrets and surprises. i still relish with secret surprise the arrival of one unexpected. Sometimes i try on its shoes.

    My masks are all now for the most part old friends and familiar. Some are dated. Some sleep all day. A few still do not like me. These few still try to see behind the others but we do not let them. And even they now know it is only a game. They like the others have become trusted confidants who know already. And have already forgiven. And chuckled. Now and again, they are afraid that their place is not secure a little. But, only a little, as who chucks out an old pal?

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