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The difference between civilizations and nationality?Do you think civilizations produce nationality or nationality produce civilizality?

Now,westworld by large continually multi-ethnic country split the country into a single nation, whether can think is a lack of civilization inclusiveness results?
if not then why modern civilization birthplace Europe will appear the tragedy of ethnic slaughter?

  • Apr 11 2011: Could someone translate this guy’s question I’m just dyeing to know?
    • Mia C.

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      Apr 12 2011: I think the question is basically a "Which-comes-first-chicken-or-egg" metaphor.
      Which comes first, a nation, or the the ethnic groups that compose it?
      His follow-up:
      Generally the western world has continually merged multi-ethnic civilizations into one country or nation-state. Why then is Europe, the birthplace of modern civilization, the stage of ethnic slaughter/destruction?