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a car that runs on a battery that never needs to get charged

A dynamo produces electricity when it is turned and batteries gives energy to motors to turn a wheel.while the wheel is turning we can use this energy to turn the dynamo and produce electricity that charges the battery at the same time the car is moving.Of course we will need a huge battery but by nano technology we can minimize the size by using nano-batteries.


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  • Jul 17 2013: perpetual motion machines are impossible with today's technology. Converting mechanical energy (movement) to electricity will have a loss due to friction and generating electricity. Charging a battery also loses energy.

    Adding another generator means more weight and more loss due to friction.
    • Jul 17 2013: Then how does a dynamo produce electricity
      • Jul 18 2013: rotating coils and magnetic field with a commutator to convert it to steady dc. check out Faraday Law of Induction

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