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If you could live forever, what would you live for?

Since a long time ago that we couldn't recall, mankind has been trying to figure out a way to make them live longer, or even eternally. But for what? What would you do if you could live up to 1000 years old?

Or shall I ask another question: do you want to live eternally or do you want to stay young, like how you are now, forever?

I look forward to hearing your answers.


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    Jul 16 2013: I'd like to stay young and live forever.

    On a serious note, if I lived for a 1000 years, I would seek to learn and understand as much as I could.
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      Jul 16 2013: I agree, I would learn as much as I can, and spend my time using my acquired knowledge to help better human kind. I know that sounds very cheesy, but if you are going to live forever what would be the point otherwise?
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        Jul 17 2013: I agree with you both. Learning is a life-long journey.

        @Brage it is not cheesy at all to use your wise and experience to help create a better world. It is a right thing to do.
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        Jul 17 2013: Regardless of how it sounds, those who try to live this way now would likely continue to do this. It is a gratifying life.

        What is not captured in the question, though, is how we are to assume our capacities would change over that time. Eternal life means something different if we would also retain our physical health and mental acuity than if we don't. Right now, this is not entirely in our control.
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          Jul 17 2013: That very true, I guess I just assumed that our capabilities would remain. But how would we have enough space in our head to remember everything? How would it be forgetting everything you were? And would we get old and frail?
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          Jul 17 2013: Exactly Reisner, that is the point I am trying to get across. If we could live forever but getting so weak and unable to work or even take care of ourselves then what is the point of having such a long life span.

          Instead of finding out how to live to 500 or 1000 years old, why don't we just focus on living the life that we have right now and make the most we can out of it?

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