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What do you wish you had learned in school?

We all have things that we wish we were taught in school. From specific subject matter and ideas, to ways of framing and questioning the world around us -- where we are today has ties to what we learned back then, and because of this we all have an educational story that is unique to us.

I am really interested in hearing what others have to say about the topic, and I put together a website (with the help of a colleague) as a place to collect and share those stories with the world.


The inspiration for this site came from a TED Conversation that took place back in 2012 (http://bit.ly/1bGh0RF), and because the idea and question was so rich, we wanted to give it a place to live on its own.

Visit the site to read the stories of others, and if you want to share a story of your own we would be thrilled!

Matthew Bivens


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    Jul 17 2013: 1. Human rights and the rights of the child. As an abused child, I saw the world as uncaring and specifically adults with power over me as people to hide from. It never occurred to me to tell anyone about it because nobody mentioned any kind of support. nobody saw the blood and bruises and scars and expressed sympathy and nobody ever said that it was wrong that it was done.

    When I was a teacher, I made a large poster of these two documents and posted it on the wall of the school. It was taken down before the kids got to school.

    2. Critical thinking: rapists, molesters, murderers, thieves, con artists and cheaters don't introduce themselves as such. But they're there. They're very good at talking their way to whatever they want. Children should be taught to separate words from acts, check facts, look for clues. This would especially have been useful to me before getting married.

    3. life skills:

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