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Elon Musk's proposed Hyperloop

Elon Musk is proposing a hyperloop for boats, planes, automobiles, and trains. He states he can deliver a system of train transport from LA to SF in 30 minutes (343 miles) at 685 MPH. He claims this can be done for 6 billion or one tenth of the proposed cost of the high speed rail being considered.

Is this possible .... would you ride this? He says facts will be made available in August 2013.

What do you think of this proposal? Should he be considered for a TED Talk? Would you watch it?


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    Jul 17 2013: Better luck than Senator Reid is having with his pet project bullet train from LA to Vegas.
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      Jul 17 2013: I'm sorry to hear that Harry is such a nice senator and so honest too
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        Jul 17 2013: No, you are confused, I am talking about Harry Reid from Nevada. (Interesting omission of the period after the word "that".)
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          Jul 17 2013: Great catch and comment. .... Bob
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          Jul 17 2013: I'm no grammarian, like noam chomsky, but I was thinking the omission should be a comma. But you tell me.

          At any rate thank you that was a genuine LOL.

          My brother loves him as he got the RR to move where they parked the train on the tracks so it did not interfere with the deer migration, which in turn effected my brothers deer hunt. Other than that Harry Reid smells...
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